Sunday, February 07, 2010

Centrepiece Love

I stumbled across an AWESOME online wedding magazine (which Polka Dot Bride linked to):

I'm so glad I clicked on that link because I found my centrepiece.


I got so excited I started singing stupid little songs to the Boy...until I realised I was a complete ditz and it was an American website. The problem with that being I can't located cake stands for $5 on any Australia sites and I'm having a hard time finding spanish moss (although I have found other fake moss on florist sites).

I think instead of a cake stand I may just use a plate and an upside down cup/mug spray painted gold. This wedding is certainly turning me into a crazy arts and crafts lady.

I won't be using white birds but I have found some adorable coloured mushroom birds and they suit our favour boxes as well.


Isn't it fantastic when something for the wedding just falls into place!

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  1. That is so cute! You could totally use an upside down plate and cup. Can't wait to see how you go