Friday, February 19, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

The wedding is quickly approaching for the Boy's brother and yesterday was the rehearsal...or at least was supposed to be. After the bride called to confirm and the priest told them 5pm Thursday DO NOT BE LATE. He completely forgot and had to be called in and that was only after people pounded on the door to be let in because they don't have an after hours line.
It was disgusting but I figure 3rd time lucky, after this and her hen's night they will have an awesome wedding!

Now we are currently waiting until their wedding is over before we bring up the 'C' word. We want to have a traditional Danish cake (Kransekage). We thought his Mum and her sisters would be able to help out and make it in the lead up to the wedding but we don't want to ask until the other wedding is over. Yes I am being sneaky but there are a few things that I want to be special to our wedding. If she had uncovered it and decided to use it then fine but I don't want to put the thought in anyone's head and the Boy is with me on this.


I have no idea how yummy it will be and my Mum won't be eating it because it has marzipan in it but we will also be having a separate wedding cake to compliment it. I did want a lamington tower (I saw an awesome photo in Cleo or Cosmo of lamingtons on a cake stand in yellow and aqua) to represent the Aussie spirit but I think a cake is better for dessert. I definitely like the simple elegant look of the bottom photo but Denmark is all about sticking flags on everything so our cake will have lots of Danish flags covering it! I also think they look like awesome centrepieces but I don't want to make everyone bake their fingers to the bone making lots of them.

Another issue of have is I don't want the second cake to have fondant icing which seems to take over and not taste that great. I wish I did like the taste because some of those cakes look AMAZING but I think I'll just go with something a little more rustic.I've found a few I like:


I think they're all from Martha Stewart and listen to what is inside the bottom one: "Under the curls rest discs of vanilla meringue layered with chocolate mousse" YUMMY! Unfortunately both dark brown cakes look a little off but I could always change the colour.


  1. That Danish cake looks so yum! I have no idea what they taste like, but they definitely look unique.

    I'm not a fan of fondant either - if I end up having a cake it will probably be covered in buttercream icing, which is yum!

  2. I hate fondant. Good way to ruin a tasty cake. I love the lamington idea!!

  3. Also the Danish cake would be awesome! I would keep the idea to myself too ;)

  4. They all look so great! And I'll have to agree on the fondant issue, it's too bad it's yucky because it's so pretty...

  5. Thanks all, yeah I don't want to run the risk of half (or more because the Danes are in the minority) the guests hating the danish cake and then not liking the fondant. And the baker we'd be going with makes yummy cakes but the fondant just ruins it.

  6. Those danish cakes look amazing