Sunday, November 15, 2009

Favours otherwise known as Bon-ber-what?

I have been eyeing off this site ever since I uncovered laser cut invitations (or whatever they're called). Even though rosettes are playing a prominent part in the wedding theme, I always wanted to incorporate birds somehow (but was scared it might be a bit too obnoxious - especially with some of the bird theme stuff out there).

I wish I could share my moment of WOO HOO with fellow brides-to-be who get that feeling when something that wasn't in the budget finally is. I was so excited the find the box below on sale.

I haven't completely decided on what we will be filling the boxes with, but I'm leaning towards gingerbread cookies. As I've mentioned before, I want to make things so that everything is a bit more meaningful. It'll also give me an opportunity to make Mum feel more involved as she's feeling a little out of the loop at the moment.

I love the boxes as well because I can attach name tags and they can double as place cards as well.

Another idea that I fell in love with (yes Sundays are my wedding web trawling days!):

These can be used as an awesome seating chart and double as an extra little might be too much with the boxes but I thought they were cute.

And on another note...I met my semi-distant second cousin this afternoon and had that fun 'can I see the ring' moment. I miss that from when you first get engaged!

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  1. Those boxes are super cute - On sale - SCORE!

    I miss that ring moment too. Any chance to show it off!