Sunday, February 21, 2010

Head Gear

I cannot make up my mind. Does anyone else get frustrated with the timeline? For example I want to know my hairstyle before I purchase any hair pieces but I have to wait for my hair trial until closer to the date. I'm not a patient person and after searching for cakes I turned to head wear. I'm slightly concerned because stupid me said to my MiL that I would love if she made my veil. She then made one for the Hen's Night I went to and said she'd make mine similar. I'm now freaking out because that was way too simple compared to what I want and whilst I still want something homemade I'm scared it won't turn out like something I've spotted/will spot on Etsy.

I'm also contemplating making a birdcage veil because I have the netting but I don't think I can go from a traditional veil to a birdcage veil without stuffing up my hair. Plus I don't want to be staring through netting throughout the reception!

So I'm starting to think I'll just have to be very exact with what veil I want and if she can't make it then I'll buy it. I also figured that to combat my worry about not having something on my head for the reception (I'll be taking the veil off) I want some kind of 'hair piece' (haha that sounds dodgy!). Below are some ideas I've stumbled across and I am completely in love with Linda Gorringe Couture.

My favourite is the one on the black head. But I also love the one on the bottom right because of it's retro feel. I don't know if I'm keen on going with a bit of gold though (3rd photo down on left) because, I rarely wear gold although, on the day I will be wearing Mum's pearl earrings which have gold. I also prefer the gold to some of the silver options they have on the site, the silver and crystals just seems to lose itself.

What do people think? Could I get away with wearing that long head piece and a traditional veil? Especially with my dress?


  1. I think you could rock both. If you let your MIL make it, just make sure you show her lots of pictures. Brave girl!

  2. I think the brave should be changed to stupid! I'm really regretting the decision now :( But as you said if I have lots of photos hopefully it will go ok. We'll have it finished earlier rather than later so, if it doesn't work fingers crossed it can be fixed!

    My only concern is that the long one might catch in the veil. But I can always ask the hair dresser.

  3. This clips are gorgeous, whatever you decide to rock just own it and I'm sure you'll look beautiful and confident!