Thursday, February 04, 2010

Button Bouquet

Apparently it looks extravagent (words of the boy)...maybe that means I should go easy on the feathers haha. I will post a photo when I finally finish. At the moment I'm just fiddling. But I must say it is so much fun having something unique to DiY!

And on a non-wedding related note. Our house (my mum's house) has sold and she's bought this awesome French/NYC apartment that's so gorgeous. We've nicknamed it the Poodle Palace and I'm definitely getting ready there for the wedding. I can't wait to sit on the balcony and eat croissants and berries YUMMY!

Unfortunately this means we'll probably have to live with the in-laws for a month most likely longer :( I just want to be out before the wedding! I'll miss all my animals the most though. At the moment we have 3 dogs (the youngest is ours) and 2 cats (both mine). Mum will take 2 of the dogs and the cats because the in-laws hate cats.

This is our baby Loki when he was a puppy. He's otherwise known as the Gremlin!

Lola (cat) and Riley (dog) - Riley is neurotic and Mum's baby and Lola thinks she's a dog and sometimes goes on walks with us.

This is Bella our 12 year old grandma. She really struggles with her back legs :(

Last but not least...Lady also an old Grandma but she doesn't look it. I couldn't think of a name for her so Mum picked this one. She's otherwise known as the bribe cat because Mum gave her to me so I'd be nice to her asshole boyfriend (who she dumped a few months later!).

I haven't heard re: the wedding assistant job but things are progressing with my HR job that I interviewed for. It's with an engineering company so that's great news for the boy when he graduates haha. But there's a second round of interviews I have to get into and hopefully I hear about that tomorrow.


  1. Weird! I thought I left a comment yesterday but it's not up there.

    Anyway, we have so much in common! I work in HR at an engineering company and I have a degree in psychology! And we both want to be wedding planners! So cool!!!

  2. Love all your furry babies. They are so cute.

  3. My own personal zoo haha I'm going to miss having all of them around when we go our separate ways :(

    I know Becs it's crazy haha I just hope I get this job with this engineering company! I need money, being unemployed sucks!