Thursday, September 03, 2009

Changing of the Dates

I don't know how many times we changed the date but we've finally settled on July 2010. It doesn't help having to work around a university schedule but at least it means a nice long honeymoon!

We paid our deposit for Caversham house (or rather I should say the Mums paid the deposit...we still haven't gotten down to the nitty gritty details about who pays for what) after seeing it at the Swan Valley Open day. It was and still is my dream venue (as long as I stop looking at all those amazing farm/barn weddings that seem to be absorbed by all wedding blogs) and in turn it led to me putting the deposit down on my gorgeous dress.

Now I can see this post becoming very disjointed so at first I'll start with Caversham. When we finally got there and walked around the gardens I was jumping up and down like a little kid. Begging that we could say our vows in the Hidden Garden and feed our friends and families an amazing feast in the French inspired house. This has definitely shaped our theme and unfortunately our budget. We are still aiming for a wedding under $20k but this would have been a lot easier had I not set my eyes on Caversham House. You're locked in when you go there, no room to budge and charged for everything. But as my future MiL says at least there are no hidden costs and this is what they're made to do.

Our colours for the moment will no doubt revolve around flowers and the royal blue bridesmaid dress that I bought in Bangkok. Thank fully all my bridesmaids love it but unfortunately I now have to get 3 more dresses made. But at least they're dresses that the girls want to wear and not something they'll be paying an arm and a leg for and never wearing again!

I got my dress at Brides by Design in the city and was helped by the amazingly talented Holly. It came down to a choice of 2 dresses and, after my stubborness (I didn't want to like the same one my family did), I came back with the Mil to have another look and decided that I did want to look elegant and like a princess. Sadly there's only 2 hoops under the dress (as I wanted something extremely poofy) but I don't want to look like the ill-fated meringue haha.

So for the moment we have the location, deposits down and I have my dress...oh and we got DJs, but that's for another post!