Tuesday, February 09, 2010


One of the most important things about my wedding is that I want it to have touches of tradition in it. Last family dinner at the Boy's house I got to talking about wedding flowers with my MiL. Now I was very hesitant to discuss any wedding stuff further because I feel she keeps laughing it off because the wedding isn't until July. But she told me a very odd but sweet story about how when the Boy was a baby he was sick she really wanted to give him milk and wound up with lots of extra milk which she sold to the hospital. So she decided that with that money she would buy something nice for herself and that's how she got into growing orchids.

So now I definitely have to have orchids at our wedding because I want lots of things which are symbolic. So whilst I love the bird and the nest maybe I'll just do one of these near the guestbook table or something?

I should forewarn everyone (if you haven't already worked it out!) I change my mind A LOT. I think I really need the pressure of a deadline looming to decide on something. I'm the same when ordering food I can never make up my mind until the waiter is staring at me with their pen poised ready to take my order. But I will definitely be incorporating orchids into my flowers due to the importance they hold for my MiL and to some extent the Boy (even if he doesn't realise it). I found these cute arrangements on Style Me Pretty, suprisingly not something overly elaborate!

Now I've seen these little vases at Ikea so I thought I would have 4 or more of them (with half white orchids and the other half pink) and then also use the tea light candle holders below. I really love how mosaic holders throw the light around.

So there you have it another centrepiece conundrum!


  1. Orchids are beautiful. And classic.

    It's totally a brides prerogative to change her mind!

  2. Haha I figure if I do it on this blog I won't drive my family insane.

    Went to ikea though and couldn't find those vases :(

  3. You're definitely not along in the indecisive world! We've been engaged for a little over a year and it wasn't until the last month (with only 5 months to go) that I was actually able to make decisions and stick to them. And even then, a lot will probably change between now and June. Like you said, I think I need the pressure of the deadline to kick in before I'll stick with stuff. Oh, and I love the orchids!

  4. I love that story about your FMIL and the orchids.. adding them into your wedding is a really sweet touch

  5. Yay miss fancy pants I'm so happy to hear I'm not alone.

    I thought it was a really sweet story too. I want our wedding to be about 2 (or in my case 3 because my parents have been divorced so long!) family histories coming together and helping us create our own new family.