Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So have you cottoned on to the fact that I'm Little Miss InDecisive?

Whilst I fell in love with the bird centrepiece and then fell in love with orchids (but Ikea stopped selling those vases) I came to the conclusion that it just doesn't fit with our theme which is - traditional with a twist.

Now this is what we are doing for our centrepiece...a little bit gothic but it has feathers which suit my bouquets and the Boy loves it!

Because I still want to incorporate orchids instead of that burgundy flower in the centre I'd have a deep burgundy orchid there along with dark/deep red/burgundy mini calla lilies as well. We'll probably double it in size as well but that's something I need to discuss with the florist.

We also bought these cute little mosaic votives to go along our bridal table (with about 5 of the centrepieces as well):

They look a lot better in real life so I'm stoked, just need to order more because we only purchased 3 in case we hated them. They're small as well which is perfect and I love the way the light will play around the tables with tealights in them.

It's all starting to come I just need to decide on my hair! I definitely want volume with my hair slicked back so if anyone has any photos or links I'd greatly appreciate it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gift Registry

Today has been INSANE! Started early because our mattress has died and I'm a toss/turn kinda girl. We're also currently in the process of moving house. Usually this is a semi-easy project (I've lost track of how many times we've moved!) but this time Mum is going her way and we're moving in with the Boy's parents. Most of our stuff is going into storage because we won't be with the in-laws for ages just until we get our housing situation sorted out. But, it is so damn hard packing and trying to figure out if I can live without it for an unknown period of time!

Of course with the wedding stuff that's easy, it's all getting carted over to his house. So at least there's that plus!

I decided that for our 'fun' weekend thing we should go and do our gift registry at Myer. I got to use the scan gun...YAY! But the excitement quickly wore off and I'm starting to wonder about choosing Myer. They do have great deals but in terms of electrical goods etc... I'm contemplating going with another company and having 2 registeries. My biggest splurge was going to be 2 of those antique/old-school champagne glasses but they didn't scan. The boy was happy about that because they were $350 each! Way, way, way too much but I want to find something like that because I fell in love! We do have a few $$$ things on the list, the most expensive being a blu-ray/hdd recorder but we've also got lots of inexpensive bits and pieces as well which I think is always very important.

So now I'm back home and procrastinating from packing. It feels like a storm is about to roll in and it's way too hot :(

Saturday, March 13, 2010


So I spent $195 on a veil...or rather Mum did...and it was discounted from $250...(the parents are chipping in for the wedding thankfully!)

Why do I still feel horrible for spending that much on a bit of tulle with sparkles!?

It reaches the floor and looks stunning on me (and compliments my dress perfectly). The button bouquet worked with everything and I've decided I definitely want my hair big, pulled back and UP!

My shoes looked cute too and everyone told me my boobs looked awesome in the dress.

Starting to feel more settled now :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Dress has Landed

Silly me didn't check my messages thinking they were from a crappy recruitment company. I checked it during my lunch break today and...MY DRESS HAS ARRIVED!

I was so excited I immediately started calling everyone and anyone and my poor Maid of Honour didn't even get a Hello! I just blurted out my dress is here! So tomorrow we're heading into the city (MoH and my Mum) to go to my first fitting.

I'm really excited and happy for the chance to see what my half complete button bouquet will look like against the dress. If it doesn't look any good I think I'm going to stick with flowers but maybe still have the bridesmaids having the button bouquets.

Did anyone else get this excited? I've been waiting since August so it has been awhile since I've seen it (other than staring longingly at it on my computer!).

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Yummy Yummy Yummy

Today was tasting day because we wanted the Boy's grandparents to see where we were getting married. They showed up earlier than we did so unfortunately we missed touring the gardens with them but they were very impressed. The Boy's dad couldn't stop saying how amazing it all looked.

It was so lovely to finally be living the wedding planning process with his family. I loved that everyone was getting so excited and it helped because they were setting up for a wedding so you got a real feel for it. Except the Boy's Dad hurried out because he wanted to be 'surprised' sweet.

The food was amazing and the presentation was 10/10 (much better than the buffet gloop slopped on our plate at the last wedding!). We tried 5 different entrees and 4 different mains and the Boy even had a cocktail. It was just a really lovely lunch with my Mum and his parents and grandparents. Jointly we decided on the goats cheese tart and seafood tasting plate for entree and for main a choice of duck or salmon.

I'm getting so excited now, it's all starting to come together and seem real!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Brother's Wedding

Last Saturday was the boy's brother's wedding. It was incredibly hot and sweaty but a beautiful day none-the-less.

The bride looked absolutely stunning and from the little we saw of the photos I wouldn't be surprised if she winds up in some wedding magazines. However, 3 hours of photos in that heat was way too long and the groomsmen complained loudly enough that at the last stop we got to stay in the limo (YAY!!!). I felt sorry for the Groom, poor guy, he was hilarious though telling us how the photographer kept pushing him further and further back to just focus on the Bride. Modelling experience is definitely a plus when it comes to photos, I'm scared for mine :(

There were some odd things that cropped up in the wedding:
  1. They said their 'I-Dos' whilst the bride was still standing with her Dad - one reason why the priest should have shown up to the rehearsal. But after that it was the two of them together (and every so often there son who was very upset he couldn't be with Mum and Dad but adorable in his outfit!)
  2. I almost got pooped on outside the church haha not odd lucky I guess!
  3. The groom's name changed to that of a woman and the priest also said the bride's surname wrong...seem's to be a common theme at the weddings I've been to though!
  4. The DJ seemed really down for the most part of the reception (her box was tiny compared to the rest of the room) luckily she perked up when the dancing started!
  5. A gatecrasher showed up and was quickly shoved out by the bride's family (it was kinda awesome!)
  6. Some random old man came up during photos outside the church and offered the bride a caramel.
I've also decided I hate the idea of a bridal table and would love to have a round table so people aren't left with no one to talk to (as I was throughout the dinner). Unfortunately our venue has a raised bridal table so I doubt that wish will come true for our wedding. The speeches were really good (except for the groomsmen which was a bit to 'drunk moment' filled) and I was really touched when the bride's mum included me as part of the groom's family. I felt a bit left out throughout it because I wasn't asked to be in family photos. I do understand but I felt a bit yuck seeing as I've been with my boy for 5 years (longer than anyone out of his siblings) and we're engaged. But oh well it wasn't my wedding and it just makes me more considerate when it comes to ours.