Monday, June 28, 2010


Did anyone else's family do their heads in before the wedding?

So far we have had a cousin sprung on us who after pulling out at the last minute is now coming to the wedding. The three overseas relatives announced they were giving a speech even after we asked 3 different times if they were and were told no. That would have meant 9 speeches in total! So I had to cancel my best friend giving one and then I told my Mum this and she chucked a dummy spit saying she would give up her mother loves acting like a matyr!

GAH this is another moment when I wish we'd just eloped...or at least gone far far away before the actual wedding so that the family couldn't stress us out!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The count down is on!

This time next week hopefully I will be sitting down with my feet up excited about the amazing day I will be about to have.

Work is finally over for three whole weeks! YIPPEE! Now I can focus solely on wedding stuff and getting prepared for our honeymoon :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

12 Days and Counting

As requested I am doing an update. In the lead up to the wedding I found myself looking at this blog and asking whether or not I wanted to continue. I'm definitely not as interesting as those other bloggers out there who are awesome and regularly update and incoporate photos :( But I always wanted to use this as something to look back on when the whole thing is over so onwards and upwards!

The Hen's night was awesome but also involved bitching between the family side and the friend side which did my head in. I'm the kind of person that wants everyone to be happy and trying to maintain the peace with 11 people was not easy. But it was still a great time. We all got dressed up to the theme of Alice in Wonderland and had a fun time going on a boozy wine tour.

Today was spent trying to finish off button bouquets with the help of one of my awesome uni friends. Below are some photos of the end results (we still haven't completed them):

Once we forced ourselves to just do it and stop worrying about possibly screwing it up they turned out really well.
After the honeymoon I'd like to post a tutorial about how I did them all. It was really easy (in the end and with a bit of help!) and much better than forking out 100s of dollars for someone else to do it.

We've finally decided on our reception music as well and we'll be walking in to 99 Luftaballoons...not really a great love/wedding song but it's OUR song. I got annoyed trying to think of a nice one that would suit and wedding and decided that it's about us and should reflect us. What I would love to do is walk in with a bunch of balloons to kick around (a la Scrubs) but sadly the reception venue won't allow that due to fire issues :(

So it's now in the final stretch. I have one more week of work and then I get to devote a whole week to our wedding. It's scary to think how much needs to be done in such a short period of time but thankfully most of it is in the hands of professionals!

The one thing that has caught me off guard is that my Mum is doing my head in! She keeps wanting to take over/help with everything and if I say no to her or anything other than silence she gets really angry with me. She took over the table planning, she's trying to take over the rehearsal dinner and she's doing my head in! Thankfully the Boy is keeping me grounded but I feel worse for him because he's right in the middle of exams with all this going on. I've put my sister on keep Mum under control duty at the wedding because I think (surprisingly) she will be the one to cause me the most stress that day!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

24 Days and Counting

Is anyone else, or did anyone else, start to grow weary of people asking the same old question: 'not long now, how are you feeling?' or 'how's the planning going?'

My cousin's partner was the only one who said 'I bet you're over it' and damn if she wasn't right. I'm completely over it. It also doesn't help that we've only just moved into a new place and unpacking has consumed by every free hour but gah. I have no desire to continue with my craft projects...which are kind of important seeing as at some point during the move the still unfinished bridesmaid bouquets got destroyed :( I still haven't confirmed if all the bridesmaids have everything they need.

How did other people cope or feel in the home stretch before the wedding?

I've got my Hen's Weekend down south this weekend so that is something to look forward to and then the female family Kitchen Tea the following Saturday. I guess parties will put me back in the mood but it's all rather stressful because now I'm looking at weekends going OMG I have no time to do anything.

I know in the end it will all work out but I also realise it takes a lot of time, effort and HARD WORK to get it to that point. With the Boy studying for exams and me feeling so blase about the whole thing I'm pretty concerned!