Friday, February 26, 2010

Wedding Tomorrow

My first week of work over with and I'm exhausted! But tomorrow is Wedding D-Day and we've got to get our hair in curlers at 8am so goodbye sleep in. I'm very excited and will definitely pop up a post about it once I've recovered.

Please cross your fingers and wish us cool weather! The prediction has gone down a few degrees so that's a good sign!

PS: Not our wedding the boy's brother's.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Joint Decision

This post was inspired by the lack of we in wedding (thanks Miss Fancy Pants) and also this post on Offbeat Bride - Is it worth spending money on wedding art?

I never really thought much about the wedding invitations since I've made many invitations in the past simply using our local paper shop. But lately (thanks to all the wedding porn out there) I've started to think I want something quirky and cute. I've been trolling through etsy and stumbled across these when I was just randomly googling the Owl and the Pussycat.

I wouldn't go with letterpress because that is way outside our budget and I've had a look at the costing for getting a custom piece done by the artist (minimum 100 invites and we don't have that many guests!). So we'd probably try and get it done cheaper and definitely change the colour scheme. I'd also like the front picture to be them both facing the front with a bit of wedding deco.

The best bit is though, both the boy and I love them. He is really really keen on them after I showed him a range I'd found! I'm so happy he's finally gotten excited over something. He does show interest in everything when I ask but more because he knows how in to it I get. So, this was great to get a real honest reaction out of him.

Do people have any recommendations for custom made invites? I do know a graphic designer through an old job but I feel a bit odd asking her especially when it comes to cost!

PS: First day of work was good but I have to wear dark blue pants :( and dental nurse shirts after I've finished my probation period.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So today was helping with the lolly jars for the brother's wedding this weekend. They looked so cute and it was fantastic to finally see something. I can't wait until my DiY things come to fruition because you don't know 100% until you see them.

In other news it will be 38 degrees for their wedding on Saturday and we're stuck driving around for 3 hours to take photos! That seems just a tad to long to me but then again it'll be my first wedding where I'm a member of the bridal party. I tried suggesting to her that maybe we go back to their house which is 5mins from the reception venue just to clean up (and make ourselves all smell good) but I got a bridezilla look at the mention of that. Instead we can freshen up at the toilets at the venue...I just hope we only need minor sprucing but I doubt it in that weather :(

I start my new job tomorrow, not in wedding planning but in human resources. Very excited and it'll be nice to finally have some money coming in. We can feel a lot more secure when we finally move out of home because of it!

Tonight we have the rehearsal dinner and we'll get told where we need to stand etc... etc... So that'll be a nice night out getting to see everyone before the big day. I'm still a little nervous about not having a trial run at the church but the priest stuffed that one up! I'm sure we'll be fine though, I'm crossing my fingers I get to leave the church on the arm of my boy. But even if I don't we'll have the whole night to day dream about when it's our turn and celebrate his brother and new sister too.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Head Gear

I cannot make up my mind. Does anyone else get frustrated with the timeline? For example I want to know my hairstyle before I purchase any hair pieces but I have to wait for my hair trial until closer to the date. I'm not a patient person and after searching for cakes I turned to head wear. I'm slightly concerned because stupid me said to my MiL that I would love if she made my veil. She then made one for the Hen's Night I went to and said she'd make mine similar. I'm now freaking out because that was way too simple compared to what I want and whilst I still want something homemade I'm scared it won't turn out like something I've spotted/will spot on Etsy.

I'm also contemplating making a birdcage veil because I have the netting but I don't think I can go from a traditional veil to a birdcage veil without stuffing up my hair. Plus I don't want to be staring through netting throughout the reception!

So I'm starting to think I'll just have to be very exact with what veil I want and if she can't make it then I'll buy it. I also figured that to combat my worry about not having something on my head for the reception (I'll be taking the veil off) I want some kind of 'hair piece' (haha that sounds dodgy!). Below are some ideas I've stumbled across and I am completely in love with Linda Gorringe Couture.

My favourite is the one on the black head. But I also love the one on the bottom right because of it's retro feel. I don't know if I'm keen on going with a bit of gold though (3rd photo down on left) because, I rarely wear gold although, on the day I will be wearing Mum's pearl earrings which have gold. I also prefer the gold to some of the silver options they have on the site, the silver and crystals just seems to lose itself.

What do people think? Could I get away with wearing that long head piece and a traditional veil? Especially with my dress?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

The wedding is quickly approaching for the Boy's brother and yesterday was the rehearsal...or at least was supposed to be. After the bride called to confirm and the priest told them 5pm Thursday DO NOT BE LATE. He completely forgot and had to be called in and that was only after people pounded on the door to be let in because they don't have an after hours line.
It was disgusting but I figure 3rd time lucky, after this and her hen's night they will have an awesome wedding!

Now we are currently waiting until their wedding is over before we bring up the 'C' word. We want to have a traditional Danish cake (Kransekage). We thought his Mum and her sisters would be able to help out and make it in the lead up to the wedding but we don't want to ask until the other wedding is over. Yes I am being sneaky but there are a few things that I want to be special to our wedding. If she had uncovered it and decided to use it then fine but I don't want to put the thought in anyone's head and the Boy is with me on this.


I have no idea how yummy it will be and my Mum won't be eating it because it has marzipan in it but we will also be having a separate wedding cake to compliment it. I did want a lamington tower (I saw an awesome photo in Cleo or Cosmo of lamingtons on a cake stand in yellow and aqua) to represent the Aussie spirit but I think a cake is better for dessert. I definitely like the simple elegant look of the bottom photo but Denmark is all about sticking flags on everything so our cake will have lots of Danish flags covering it! I also think they look like awesome centrepieces but I don't want to make everyone bake their fingers to the bone making lots of them.

Another issue of have is I don't want the second cake to have fondant icing which seems to take over and not taste that great. I wish I did like the taste because some of those cakes look AMAZING but I think I'll just go with something a little more rustic.I've found a few I like:


I think they're all from Martha Stewart and listen to what is inside the bottom one: "Under the curls rest discs of vanilla meringue layered with chocolate mousse" YUMMY! Unfortunately both dark brown cakes look a little off but I could always change the colour.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm back to having those fun niggling thoughts such as 'why are we getting married in 2010', 'should we postpone everything?'
Now none of these thoughts are related to our relationship, we love each other heaps and will be celebrating 6 years in November but it's the outside factors which are getting to me. For example the Boy is in fulltime studies and can't work (unless he gets crappy night work which would impact on his studies and our time together), I'm currently unemployed (although I've had 2 interviews today and 2 more Wednesday & Thursday) and the big one we don't have our own place.
I thought if worse came to worse we'd be ok living in a family home when we're married but we're both in hate with that idea. So I guess I just really really hope and have every part of me crossed that I get one of these jobs to give us a bit of financial stability.
That's the other thing I think about as well when I consider postponement:
  • We'd lose all our deposits
  • Prices would increase and our wedding budget would go over
  • We've booked the honeymoon
I really don't want to postpone but smart rational me is shaking her head. Sometimes I want to smack that girl and say stuff it just throw caution to the wind.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Practice Hens

So Saturday night was the night to let my hair down (for the first time in ages...I am a Nana)! We were celebrating the soon to be SiL's Hens Night. As a bridesmaid I can say the day of was a bit of an ARGH moment. With no one really knowing what was going on but we managed to pull it together beautifully (even if we went over budget, next time I'm being in charge of the $$$).

I did learn an incredibly valuable lesson though, do not feed tiny bride-to-bes (who haven't partied since getting pregnant with their first child over 2 years ago) mass amounts of booze in the space of an hour. Unfortunately this Hens Night lost it's bride after only 1.5 hours and not even leaving the house!

The night did go on though and we had heaps and heaps of fun. We came up with a fake bride and then I took over for a bit (obviously being the next one in the running). I wound up out and about sporting a statue of liberty hat, bright pink veil, bride to be sash and a sign saying Deep Excavation (which was inappropriate after I thought about it haha so I gave it to some Pommy boys).

We didn't leave until around 2am (I love my boy for first going to the wrong suburb and then coming and picking us up!) which may be a new record for me! I didn't complete all my dare cards except for doing I'm a little teapot but it was lots of fun. I really enjoyed being out with a bunch of girls I only barely knew celebrating a hen who wasn't there! Oops this sounds like I was happy she was gone, I wasn't I wish I knew she was so sick but no one told me until she'd left. Note: make sure you all keep an eye on your bride even if her mother is sitting next to her the whole night. (edit)

It's definitely provided me with some do's and don'ts for my hens night. I know drinking games are fun and I will definitely partake in some but I don't want to wind up in the bathroom until the very end of the night! I will also be having a night with the girls minus the mums because even though I love them it's way more fun without them.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


One of the most important things about my wedding is that I want it to have touches of tradition in it. Last family dinner at the Boy's house I got to talking about wedding flowers with my MiL. Now I was very hesitant to discuss any wedding stuff further because I feel she keeps laughing it off because the wedding isn't until July. But she told me a very odd but sweet story about how when the Boy was a baby he was sick she really wanted to give him milk and wound up with lots of extra milk which she sold to the hospital. So she decided that with that money she would buy something nice for herself and that's how she got into growing orchids.

So now I definitely have to have orchids at our wedding because I want lots of things which are symbolic. So whilst I love the bird and the nest maybe I'll just do one of these near the guestbook table or something?

I should forewarn everyone (if you haven't already worked it out!) I change my mind A LOT. I think I really need the pressure of a deadline looming to decide on something. I'm the same when ordering food I can never make up my mind until the waiter is staring at me with their pen poised ready to take my order. But I will definitely be incorporating orchids into my flowers due to the importance they hold for my MiL and to some extent the Boy (even if he doesn't realise it). I found these cute arrangements on Style Me Pretty, suprisingly not something overly elaborate!

Now I've seen these little vases at Ikea so I thought I would have 4 or more of them (with half white orchids and the other half pink) and then also use the tea light candle holders below. I really love how mosaic holders throw the light around.

So there you have it another centrepiece conundrum!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Centrepiece Love

I stumbled across an AWESOME online wedding magazine (which Polka Dot Bride linked to):

I'm so glad I clicked on that link because I found my centrepiece.


I got so excited I started singing stupid little songs to the Boy...until I realised I was a complete ditz and it was an American website. The problem with that being I can't located cake stands for $5 on any Australia sites and I'm having a hard time finding spanish moss (although I have found other fake moss on florist sites).

I think instead of a cake stand I may just use a plate and an upside down cup/mug spray painted gold. This wedding is certainly turning me into a crazy arts and crafts lady.

I won't be using white birds but I have found some adorable coloured mushroom birds and they suit our favour boxes as well.


Isn't it fantastic when something for the wedding just falls into place!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Button Bouquet

Apparently it looks extravagent (words of the boy)...maybe that means I should go easy on the feathers haha. I will post a photo when I finally finish. At the moment I'm just fiddling. But I must say it is so much fun having something unique to DiY!

And on a non-wedding related note. Our house (my mum's house) has sold and she's bought this awesome French/NYC apartment that's so gorgeous. We've nicknamed it the Poodle Palace and I'm definitely getting ready there for the wedding. I can't wait to sit on the balcony and eat croissants and berries YUMMY!

Unfortunately this means we'll probably have to live with the in-laws for a month most likely longer :( I just want to be out before the wedding! I'll miss all my animals the most though. At the moment we have 3 dogs (the youngest is ours) and 2 cats (both mine). Mum will take 2 of the dogs and the cats because the in-laws hate cats.

This is our baby Loki when he was a puppy. He's otherwise known as the Gremlin!

Lola (cat) and Riley (dog) - Riley is neurotic and Mum's baby and Lola thinks she's a dog and sometimes goes on walks with us.

This is Bella our 12 year old grandma. She really struggles with her back legs :(

Last but not least...Lady also an old Grandma but she doesn't look it. I couldn't think of a name for her so Mum picked this one. She's otherwise known as the bribe cat because Mum gave her to me so I'd be nice to her asshole boyfriend (who she dumped a few months later!).

I haven't heard re: the wedding assistant job but things are progressing with my HR job that I interviewed for. It's with an engineering company so that's great news for the boy when he graduates haha. But there's a second round of interviews I have to get into and hopefully I hear about that tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Danes are Coming

Hurrah, hurray! Some of the boy's family from Denmark are now on the definite list. We're both so excited, 2 of his Aunties and the oldest cousin from his Mum's side of the family are coming down. Only for 10 days but still we're very happy. My family is very big (Mum's side at least due to coming from the country!) and I was getting sad that his would be over shadowed. I know he was a bit disappointed as well because his Grandparents are coming down for his brother's wedding but said they wouldn't be here for ours.