Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So today was helping with the lolly jars for the brother's wedding this weekend. They looked so cute and it was fantastic to finally see something. I can't wait until my DiY things come to fruition because you don't know 100% until you see them.

In other news it will be 38 degrees for their wedding on Saturday and we're stuck driving around for 3 hours to take photos! That seems just a tad to long to me but then again it'll be my first wedding where I'm a member of the bridal party. I tried suggesting to her that maybe we go back to their house which is 5mins from the reception venue just to clean up (and make ourselves all smell good) but I got a bridezilla look at the mention of that. Instead we can freshen up at the toilets at the venue...I just hope we only need minor sprucing but I doubt it in that weather :(

I start my new job tomorrow, not in wedding planning but in human resources. Very excited and it'll be nice to finally have some money coming in. We can feel a lot more secure when we finally move out of home because of it!

Tonight we have the rehearsal dinner and we'll get told where we need to stand etc... etc... So that'll be a nice night out getting to see everyone before the big day. I'm still a little nervous about not having a trial run at the church but the priest stuffed that one up! I'm sure we'll be fine though, I'm crossing my fingers I get to leave the church on the arm of my boy. But even if I don't we'll have the whole night to day dream about when it's our turn and celebrate his brother and new sister too.


  1. So exciting, good luck. I desperately wish I was a part of a wedding happening before mine, I could use the tips, haha.

  2. Hot days are evil. It was 42 degrees for our day. Insanity.

    Those three hours will FLY by. Trust me. Bring plenty of water, and a fan for the bride - trust me she will thank you.

  3. You've inspired a post to disect that wedding...it's good to be able to provide insider tips.

    I didn't think of a fan but good advice! Thanks for letting me know the time will fly by.