Sunday, August 29, 2010

Photo grumbles

Sadly the photos have been removed, I'm having issues with the photographer and don't want to risk getting into strife.

It's helpful having copyright etc... thrown at you after the fact when nothing was ever ever mentioned during the whole process or even when we received the photos! Especially considering the email was very snooty & legally worded with no apology from her for not explaining anything just telling me off.

Grrr I have now learnt not to deal with family/friends because you wind up coming off second best.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Photo Album

Photos removed...see new post

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Double Take

So there were a few things at the wedding that made me do a 'double take' or that I was slightly annoyed over:
  • Realising the Hubby had not ordered enough lapel pins so he had to miss out.
  • Buying our awesome frame from Ikea to use in photos and forgetting to use it.
  • The burgundy colour ribbon on the flower boxes not really going (shouldn't have had a ribbon) and the flowers not being exactly what I was after
  • Hubby's friend showing up in jeans
  • The DJs not being able to keep the music flowing
  • Both my parents coming up to me with 'problems' that they could easily solve
  • My highschool friend who flew over arriving mid-ceremony
  • The cake being too dry
But you know what the awesome thing was...none of it really mattered, I was on too much of a high to care. And after the wedding none of the guests complained about any of these things in fact they all loved the cake and the flowers. The only thing people were a little down on was the guy in jeans (and rightly so!) and the DJs (again well deserved).
I think it was helpful that I'd been reading people's posts past-wedding and realising that it wasn't all going to be perfect but that that didn't matter. And, as I mentioned in an earlier post, it's the odd things that make the wedding! They also help bring you back to Earth and really savour the moments!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Still Here

Another 1.5 weeks before we get the photos back :) I'm really excited and looking forward to being able to post more (especially with photos throughout!).

So things will be a little quiet on this front while I wait for them.