Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Joint Decision

This post was inspired by the lack of we in wedding (thanks Miss Fancy Pants) and also this post on Offbeat Bride - Is it worth spending money on wedding art?

I never really thought much about the wedding invitations since I've made many invitations in the past simply using our local paper shop. But lately (thanks to all the wedding porn out there) I've started to think I want something quirky and cute. I've been trolling through etsy and stumbled across these when I was just randomly googling the Owl and the Pussycat.

I wouldn't go with letterpress because that is way outside our budget and I've had a look at the costing for getting a custom piece done by the artist (minimum 100 invites and we don't have that many guests!). So we'd probably try and get it done cheaper and definitely change the colour scheme. I'd also like the front picture to be them both facing the front with a bit of wedding deco.

The best bit is though, both the boy and I love them. He is really really keen on them after I showed him a range I'd found! I'm so happy he's finally gotten excited over something. He does show interest in everything when I ask but more because he knows how in to it I get. So, this was great to get a real honest reaction out of him.

Do people have any recommendations for custom made invites? I do know a graphic designer through an old job but I feel a bit odd asking her especially when it comes to cost!

PS: First day of work was good but I have to wear dark blue pants :( and dental nurse shirts after I've finished my probation period.


  1. *ahem* I'm actually a graphic designer, thinking of getting in wedding stationery... happy to charge quite little whilst building up a portfolio :D

    Love the owl and the pussycat theme! I did a sketch based on that poem just a few months ago actually, never got around to doing a proper version.

  2. Hurrah :)
    What's your email so we can discuss it further?

  3. ADORE those invitations. HARD CORE