Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Make Up Trial

So I recently had my make up trial and again sadly no photos :( Well there are but my mum said I looked like Dracula so they're not going up on here!

Which is a lie by the way! The make up was awesome, even though I was a bit spotty after my eyebrow shaping my skin looked flawless. Airbushed foundation would be fantastic on a hot summer's day. I had bronze/gold eye makeup and it was just the right amount of smokey to look demure but still incredibly hot ;)

In other news my little sister got herself some cute black ankle boots and tights for the Big Day. Now I just need to kit the other bridesmaids out. Bridesmaid day should hopefully be happening this Sunday (after repeatedly being cancelled/put back).

Oh and the biggest news of all

*drum roll*

The Boy and I have found a rental property close to work where we can have our puppy! Awesome news, after 5.5 years together we're finally moving out. YIPPEE!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bridesmaid Drama, Hair Trials and all that Jazz

So the count down is on yesterday it was officially 7 weeks and as my maid of honour and I were driving to our hair trial I realised I would be walking down the aisle at that time! Scary stuff but exciting as well.

I think I'll split this post into several little sections because so much stuff has being going on since I last posted:

We're living with the in-laws now and have finally decided to take the plunge, move out and rent. I'm really looking forward to it just being the 2 of us after 5.5 years together. It's not going to be great financially but I've worked out a budget and even with the Boy not working we'll be ok.

Hair Trial
AWESOME! I was so so pleased with how my hair turned out. Especially seeing as I don't have a lot of it! Here are the photos which inspired it:

Originally I was going to let the girls all have different styles but the Boy's sisters (easier to refer to them as that!) wanted something really harsh. Hair pulled tightly back and high ponytails with bright red lips! I don't really want my wedding looking like Romy and Michelle's Highschool Reunion so I vetoed that. Also my sister and best friend would look hideous with bright red lips and I think with all the decadence of the outfit they need more subtle make up. I couldn't find the exact photo that inspired the bridesmaids look but this kind of matches it (plus my MoH reminds me of Nicole Kidman only shorter):

We'll be using a black ribbon and tying a bow at the back. If I have enough money I want to add a small diamante brooch in the middle of the bow.

The funniest part was that because we didn't have any ribbon for the style (we didn't think we'd go down that path and the hair stylist had none) my MoH got the power cord from a hair straightener wrapped around her head. But it did make the hairstyle, before that it looked a bit ho-hum. Sadly I didn't think to take any photos of her almost being decapitated by the black power cord but it was an awesome time! 

Dance Lesson
I was a bit disappointed, it wasn't at all private and we had to share the floor with lots of other people/all the spectators. We only really heard our song once the whole way through as well which sucked. But I've got a credit with the place so we'll persist for 2 more lessons and I'll be asking to have something more private next time. I didn't mind people watching I just hated not having space and not being able to dance to our song! That's what it's all about after all. If anyone has any suggestions for good dance places in Perth I'm all ears. We're going to Humphrey's at the moment.
We were inspired by this:
As soon as I played it for the Boy that was our wedding dance song done and dusted.

This is the inspiration behind our cake:
We wanted 4 tiers to match the height of the Danish cake. We're having white chocolate mudcake, jaffa mudcake, cream cheese poundcake and caramel mudcake for the top tier which we're going to save.

So we're making lots of progress and I've experienced the joy of a horrible bridesmaid...I finally feel like I'm getting married!