Monday, February 15, 2010

Practice Hens

So Saturday night was the night to let my hair down (for the first time in ages...I am a Nana)! We were celebrating the soon to be SiL's Hens Night. As a bridesmaid I can say the day of was a bit of an ARGH moment. With no one really knowing what was going on but we managed to pull it together beautifully (even if we went over budget, next time I'm being in charge of the $$$).

I did learn an incredibly valuable lesson though, do not feed tiny bride-to-bes (who haven't partied since getting pregnant with their first child over 2 years ago) mass amounts of booze in the space of an hour. Unfortunately this Hens Night lost it's bride after only 1.5 hours and not even leaving the house!

The night did go on though and we had heaps and heaps of fun. We came up with a fake bride and then I took over for a bit (obviously being the next one in the running). I wound up out and about sporting a statue of liberty hat, bright pink veil, bride to be sash and a sign saying Deep Excavation (which was inappropriate after I thought about it haha so I gave it to some Pommy boys).

We didn't leave until around 2am (I love my boy for first going to the wrong suburb and then coming and picking us up!) which may be a new record for me! I didn't complete all my dare cards except for doing I'm a little teapot but it was lots of fun. I really enjoyed being out with a bunch of girls I only barely knew celebrating a hen who wasn't there! Oops this sounds like I was happy she was gone, I wasn't I wish I knew she was so sick but no one told me until she'd left. Note: make sure you all keep an eye on your bride even if her mother is sitting next to her the whole night. (edit)

It's definitely provided me with some do's and don'ts for my hens night. I know drinking games are fun and I will definitely partake in some but I don't want to wind up in the bathroom until the very end of the night! I will also be having a night with the girls minus the mums because even though I love them it's way more fun without them.


  1. The poor thing, everyone boozed her up way too much and she'd already been feeling ill the past week. But she had a great time while she was there thankfully! She managed to recover enough to enjoy Valentine's Day which good to hear.

  2. Ummm.. well at least you guys had a good night!
    Your Poor Hen, drunk and abandonded!
    I thought part of doing someone hens is to look out for her a bit.. Not get her so trashed she couldnt even leave the house!
    Hopefully she wasnt too worried about being left behind!
    Glad you got a practice run for your own. I am in two minds about including Mums and Aunties on mine, will maybe have a lunch time thing for young and old, then my mates with just rock on for the later part of the night

  3. Yeah no, I hadn't organised drinking games and didn't realise just how much booze had been bought (her best friend bought 2 bottles of champers per person!). Her Mum was sitting next to her the whole night so, I assumed she'd be fine. But she's saying she had a fantastic night while it lasted so that's good. Just sad she couldn't go out like she wanted.
    She wound up catching a taxi back to her place with her Mum and best friend, I didn't even realise what had happened until someone said 'the hen's gone'.

    Thanks for putting it in her perspective because I do have jealousy issues when it comes to her. Hopefully we have some good (safe) fun at the rehearsal dinner. It's crazy that their wedding is 2 weekends away!