Sunday, January 31, 2010

The List

Being unemployed makes me not appreciate the weekend :( I hope I get this job I've interviewed for because I can feel myself going crazy pouring over every single aspect of our wedding online!

I've decided to write a little list of what I've booked/where I am at with all the planning:
  • Dress: booked and ordered, still waiting to hear back from Brides by Design but I was told they would call when the dress arrived.
  • Flowers: I'm constantly changing my mind about what to have (currently contemplating bright pink roses or yellow/white for centrepieces). I have paid a deposit to Flowertopia and won't be having any bouquets because I'm making button ones. I'm also making the boys' boutonniere as well.
  • Music: 2 DJs have been picked - just have to break the news to them that we don't want flashing lights/colourful spotlights every where.
  • Colour scheme: dependent on flowers but at the moment, cream/ivory, tinges of brown/gold, deep/light pinks.
  • Hair: booked (still scouring the internet for photos and kind of wishing I had longer hair!)
  • Make Up: in process of booking, I'm excited about airbrushing and thinking I'll definitely need some false lashes
  • Cars: we've got the girls' limo and our getaway car sorted and the boy is working on getting a limo for the boys
  • Venue: booked and I can't wait to go back and do a food tasting which will happen whilst the boy's grandparents are down from Denmark
  • Presents: I've bought the bridesmaid presents and a present for the boy. We're going cheap and writing really nice letters to our parents (because they're chipping in what's the point of spending their own money on them!) The groomsmen still need their presents but again that's for the boy to sort out
  • Honeymoon: tickets to Vietnam booked, we need to organise visas and then start booking accomodation
I can't think of anything else at the moment, no doubt I've forgotten something which is always the case ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


So more on what I want as a hairstyle. I've managed to sort out some pictures and post them on here. It's funny but I save everything on a word doc and periodically go through and delete half of them. Which leaves me a bit worried that even with hair trials etc...I'll change my mind way too much. Although I did realise that wedding planning is half the fun of the wedding itself so I'm making myself enjoy everything, even the annoying bits!

I love this style but I have no idea if it will work with my hair. It said it was designed for shorter hair though so fingers crossed! My only issue is that I have a huge forehead so I want my fringe or a bit of it left down.

I don't like the hair but I love the veil, especially the pink tinge. It's from TessaKim at etsy and her store is fantastic!

This is the other veil I really like and I am tempted to have my hair simple - half up/half down but I feel like this is my wedding I should do something different! (Etsy seller: SimpleBeautyVeils)

(Unfortunately I can't credit where I sourced the first photo)

When I was in the bridal shop I tried on this awesome long veil and fell in love but I want something I can wear at the reception!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Other Wedding

First off HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! To all the Aussies out there.

Now as everyone knows there are 2 weddings this year in the boy's family. Ours in June and his younger brother's in February. They're now in the home stretch with a month to go until they get hitched. I'm so excited for them but after attending another wedding (only the church ceremony) last weekend I know I'll be bawling my eyes out!

On Monday I invited myself along (it's a bridesmaid's prerogative right?) to the soon to be SiL's hair trial. We had to drive to Northern Whoop Whoop and the lady who greeted us was initially very very frosty (but I came around to her towards the end). It was exciting to see what a hair trial entailed because it is one of the things that scares me the most. Unfortunately for my SiL those fears became reality. Whilst she was given an AMAZING up-do it was nothing like she'd requested and aged her about 10 years. As my future MiL described it it looked like something for the Edwardian Era and her dress is reminiscent of this (obviously not an Oscar De La Renta dress but same sort of bottom):

She wanted something soft and elegant with big curls swept of to one side and she wound up with a birdsnest of curls and plaits on the back of her head and tight curls off to the side. Of course we all ooh-ed and ahh-ed over it but as I left with the MiL to go back home I got a text from her saying she hated it. Which brings me to my grr about the hair trial. First off she got barely any time with her hair dresser as she was running late. The next thing was that she got talked out of one hairstyle (which I can understand obviously certain hair can only do certain things!) and talked into another one. What I didn't understand was why did they not sit down together go through magazines/photos and try and come up with the perfect hairstyle before just going for broke? I understand they have limited time to do brides but seriously with the money that we fork out they should put a little time into understanding what the client wants before even going near their hair.

But as we said about the practice wedding...thank god I got to experience that. I'm now trawling the internet to find photos of exactly what I want. I'm hopeless if they start throwing in other suggestions because I can't picture that in my head. So I figure I'll pick 3 options (because I can't guarantee what will work with my thick short-medium brown hair) and go from there. I'm also finding looks for the bridesmaids because I've paid for 2 hair trials with my deposit. Which was another thing I didn't like about the hairdressers the SiL went to, they have taken the deposit out of the final payment so now she has to go back to them. Rather than have the deposit cover the hair trial so if she hated it she wouldn't have to go back. Obviously smart but sneaky thinking on that hairdressers part!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wedding on the Back Burner

I guess I should start this post by saying I am a jealous person. The boy and I were always planning to get engaged on our big trip to America and after going out for almost 5 years, we both felt it was time and were so excited. Then I got blindsided by his brother popping the question to his girlfriend even though, they hadn't even reached a year (she was pregnant though so, idiot me should have seen it coming). I am happy for them and, they love each other to pieces but, I feel like we're completely in the shadow of their wedding. I know, I know I sound horrible but, I just felt like being honest and airing a bit of my dirty laundry.

So their wedding is planned for February and ours is in July. I am of course extremely excited for them both and interested in hearing all the details. In fact, as a bridesmaid, I'm currently helping out with the Hens Night etc... But I just feel like I can't get excited with his side of the family over our big day :( In fact I was talking about everything with his Mum and, all she did was laugh and told me I plan ahead way too much (um hello, you need to plan ahead for weddings!). So even though I've bought the girls bridesmaid dresses I feel like I can't tell the soon to be SIL (the one getting married) and also the boy's sister because everything is about her wedding. It sucks missing out on that! I know it'll be different when their wedding is over but, I feel a bit bad counting down the days and wishing their moment over and done with.

Grr if I have one recommendation it is don't get engaged when someone else in the immediate family is because you do feel like you're chucked in the cupboard like a winter coat!

At least I can share the excitement with my MoH today though and I'm so excited to be doing so. Although the dresses look a bit crumpled and no where near as awesome as it did in the shop window (or done up to make my little sister look gorgeous)! Hopefully she can see the magic and I know the colour will make her look stunning.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am a horrible blogger, I don't blog enough so I will make that a resolution!

So as a present (and to apologise for not blogging enough) here is a photo of my dress. Obviously without me in it because I'm no model...even though I am drop dead gorgeous ;)

(Sophia Tolli Design)

It's so pretty right, complete opposite of what I was wanting (I wanted something frou-frou and frothy but as the soon to be SIL is getting married in a dress like that I wanted to distance myself). I feel like a princess in the dress and I look stunning in it because I have a body made for wedding dresses and no doubt hips for birthing babies haha. I called myself squishy last night to the boy and he disagreed but I meant it in a nice way!

So I was most recently on a holiday in Bali with my little sister. We both had a great time and whilst lunching in Ubud came across a really cute dress in this shop window. We decided to go and fill our tummies and then I dragged her in there preparing to be disappointed but just to have fun with it. I walked out with 4 dresses! They're dark blue and convertible which is exactly what I wanted. The material is that plasticky kind - not in a gross way but you know not cotton or satin... The tops are strapless but have 2 long thick bits of material off to one side so that each girl can have a different style top. The bottom is even more gorgeous. The girls can have it bustled so that it's short or undo the ties and have a longer dress. I will post photos when I find my camera cable.

So now I have bridesmaid dress problem solved and I can get to work on their button bouquets! I also found the cutest diy boutonnieres: 

And the boy loved them so that looks like the go-ahead for the moment, except I want to incorporate the Aussie & Danish flag in there somehow. I'll probably get rid of the love heart & bird and put the flags there or maybe even wrap red and white ribbon around the wire instead of twine. Decisions, decisions hahaha but I love it.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Well my aim of finding a bridesmaid dress during the sales is drawing to a close. I was going to go hunting with 2 of the girls today but that fell apart because my MiL got invited without my knowledge. Don't get me wrong, I love her but, I wanted it to be a bridesmaids only excursion!

So now I'm trying to organise a proper shopping/lunch trip with the four of them in March (after the other wedding is out of the way) but who knows if that will go ahead, none of them are ever free at the same time. Eloping is sounding like a lot of fun right about now but I guess everyone goes through that stage.

In funnier news I had my first wedding nightmare last night and because describing dreams isn't the easiest thing I'll just highlight the odd bits:
  • I was standing at the altar not the Boy and he was walking towards me (weird!)
  • I was wearing this hideous lace long-sleeved dress and kept thinking at least the op-shop will take it
  • My cousin was there even though I didn't invite her and I realised no one had rsvp-ed! So a minor melt down about food and place settings followed.
  • Some random kids started shooting foam rockets at us and I started screaming
So all in all a crazy crazy dream but at least it wasn't a baby dream! I keep dreaming about a baby boy with brown hair (because the Boy is blonde and I keep teasing him that it's recessive)...I don't want that coming true for at least 2 years. It was bizarre the other night though because, I was talking to my MiL and she told me if I really want to get pregnant I should. She's starting to scare me a bit because the boy is still at uni, I'm currently unemployed (after being made redundant), we still live with my mum...the list of reasons not to goes on and on. It just really hurt me that she'd say something so stupid because she knows how desperately I want a baby and that's the worst kind of taunt ever. GRRRR in-law family members are not in my good books at the moment!

On a lighter night I want to post some of my New Year resolutions:
  • Have a celebration every major holiday with my friends
  • Tone my arms for the gorgeous strapless dress I'll be wearing (I even bought dumbells!)
  • Move out of home
  • Start the next step in my career
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years (I know MRS. T did!)