Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm back to having those fun niggling thoughts such as 'why are we getting married in 2010', 'should we postpone everything?'
Now none of these thoughts are related to our relationship, we love each other heaps and will be celebrating 6 years in November but it's the outside factors which are getting to me. For example the Boy is in fulltime studies and can't work (unless he gets crappy night work which would impact on his studies and our time together), I'm currently unemployed (although I've had 2 interviews today and 2 more Wednesday & Thursday) and the big one we don't have our own place.
I thought if worse came to worse we'd be ok living in a family home when we're married but we're both in hate with that idea. So I guess I just really really hope and have every part of me crossed that I get one of these jobs to give us a bit of financial stability.
That's the other thing I think about as well when I consider postponement:
  • We'd lose all our deposits
  • Prices would increase and our wedding budget would go over
  • We've booked the honeymoon
I really don't want to postpone but smart rational me is shaking her head. Sometimes I want to smack that girl and say stuff it just throw caution to the wind.


  1. Don't postpone - You'll always find reasons to wait. We postponed for six months due to lack of finances and saved like crazy. I really wanted a winter wedding, and instead we ended up with 42 degree weather.

    Good luck with the jobs x

  2. I wouldn't postpone. Getting married is going to be expensive no matter when you do it.

    Just really try to simplify things and put the money where it is going to be remembered :)

  3. Thank you both. Well hopefully I've got a job, I have a medical tomorrow and usually that's the last step! So the money pressure will be off and things seem to be moving forward re: housing.

    I think I just stress way too much!