Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So have you cottoned on to the fact that I'm Little Miss InDecisive?

Whilst I fell in love with the bird centrepiece and then fell in love with orchids (but Ikea stopped selling those vases) I came to the conclusion that it just doesn't fit with our theme which is - traditional with a twist.

Now this is what we are doing for our centrepiece...a little bit gothic but it has feathers which suit my bouquets and the Boy loves it!

Because I still want to incorporate orchids instead of that burgundy flower in the centre I'd have a deep burgundy orchid there along with dark/deep red/burgundy mini calla lilies as well. We'll probably double it in size as well but that's something I need to discuss with the florist.

We also bought these cute little mosaic votives to go along our bridal table (with about 5 of the centrepieces as well):

They look a lot better in real life so I'm stoked, just need to order more because we only purchased 3 in case we hated them. They're small as well which is perfect and I love the way the light will play around the tables with tealights in them.

It's all starting to come I just need to decide on my hair! I definitely want volume with my hair slicked back so if anyone has any photos or links I'd greatly appreciate it.

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