Saturday, March 13, 2010


So I spent $195 on a veil...or rather Mum did...and it was discounted from $250...(the parents are chipping in for the wedding thankfully!)

Why do I still feel horrible for spending that much on a bit of tulle with sparkles!?

It reaches the floor and looks stunning on me (and compliments my dress perfectly). The button bouquet worked with everything and I've decided I definitely want my hair big, pulled back and UP!

My shoes looked cute too and everyone told me my boobs looked awesome in the dress.

Starting to feel more settled now :)


  1. Well at least it was on sale! No point in feeling guilty about it now :)

  2. YAY! Don't worry about the $$ - it's spent now - just enjoy the pretty tulle!

  3. Thanks girls...I feel a lot better when I hear it's ok from the blog world. Usually it's all about budget!

  4. I was like that over a couple of purchases but in the end they completed the outfit so it is worth the splurge.