Friday, March 12, 2010

The Dress has Landed

Silly me didn't check my messages thinking they were from a crappy recruitment company. I checked it during my lunch break today and...MY DRESS HAS ARRIVED!

I was so excited I immediately started calling everyone and anyone and my poor Maid of Honour didn't even get a Hello! I just blurted out my dress is here! So tomorrow we're heading into the city (MoH and my Mum) to go to my first fitting.

I'm really excited and happy for the chance to see what my half complete button bouquet will look like against the dress. If it doesn't look any good I think I'm going to stick with flowers but maybe still have the bridesmaids having the button bouquets.

Did anyone else get this excited? I've been waiting since August so it has been awhile since I've seen it (other than staring longingly at it on my computer!).


  1. How exciting! I can't WAIT to see mine either. I have ages to wait though.

    Yayyyy for you! What does it look like?

  2. There's a post showing a photo of it on the blog :) I look way hotter in it than the model though haha I've got the boobs for it apparently hehe

  3. very exciting!
    So are you going to take a picture of you wearing it at your fitting so we can all see how hot you look? :)