Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gift Registry

Today has been INSANE! Started early because our mattress has died and I'm a toss/turn kinda girl. We're also currently in the process of moving house. Usually this is a semi-easy project (I've lost track of how many times we've moved!) but this time Mum is going her way and we're moving in with the Boy's parents. Most of our stuff is going into storage because we won't be with the in-laws for ages just until we get our housing situation sorted out. But, it is so damn hard packing and trying to figure out if I can live without it for an unknown period of time!

Of course with the wedding stuff that's easy, it's all getting carted over to his house. So at least there's that plus!

I decided that for our 'fun' weekend thing we should go and do our gift registry at Myer. I got to use the scan gun...YAY! But the excitement quickly wore off and I'm starting to wonder about choosing Myer. They do have great deals but in terms of electrical goods etc... I'm contemplating going with another company and having 2 registeries. My biggest splurge was going to be 2 of those antique/old-school champagne glasses but they didn't scan. The boy was happy about that because they were $350 each! Way, way, way too much but I want to find something like that because I fell in love! We do have a few $$$ things on the list, the most expensive being a blu-ray/hdd recorder but we've also got lots of inexpensive bits and pieces as well which I think is always very important.

So now I'm back home and procrastinating from packing. It feels like a storm is about to roll in and it's way too hot :(


  1. Oh how exciting! I don't know whether we'll bother with a registry as we're only having 50 guests at the Aussie wedding. I wish we were though :(

  2. I did it just for the experience! Afterwards I felt really 'why the hell did I do that?!' but it was interesting.

    I think it's helpful from guests I've asked even people who I thought would turn their nose up at it didn't.