Tuesday, April 06, 2010

With a ring on the end of his nose

Guess what arrived in the mail today...

PIGGYWIG! Our version of a ring pillow.
Courtesy of AshLynnB at Etsy.

We will need to tie a bit of ribbon through his nose for the rings but I'm so happy with it. Neither of us want the OTT traditional wedding but we also don't want to go too crazy. I could feel myself heading down that path as I tried to find an owl and a cat as well for the other boys. But I keep reminding myself less is definitely more.

It fits in perfectly with our invitations designed by the wonderful, patient and oh so talented bride-to-be behind Getting Hitched (you're missing out if you haven't read her blog!).

She has designed us a logo and beautiful invitations. I'll post the logo up but will wait on the inivitations because I don't want to blur anything out. They can be an after the wedding post :)

Isn't the logo awesome?! Both the boy and I are so happy with it and I can't speak highly enough of our graphic designer. Sometimes you really have to love the internet! Without both of us reading each other's blogs this never would have happened.

Oh and I guess I should point out the obvious...our invites are themed to the owl and the pussycat and are very similar to the invitation I posted awhile ago.

We've passed the 90 day mark as well, according to my countdown timer there's now 87 days to go. I'm not scared though because I've got all my bases covered at this point (I should mention I'm touching wood as I type this!). I know I won't always be so stress free so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.


  1. LOVE the ring cushion and your logo is AWESOME!!!

  2. Thank you :)

    I predict lots of WTF looks from family members though haha we're keeping the pig under wraps until the wedding.

  3. At least they won't forget it. My niece would have LOVED to carry that up the aisle

  4. THat logo is very cute!
    Love the ring cushion