Saturday, March 06, 2010

Yummy Yummy Yummy

Today was tasting day because we wanted the Boy's grandparents to see where we were getting married. They showed up earlier than we did so unfortunately we missed touring the gardens with them but they were very impressed. The Boy's dad couldn't stop saying how amazing it all looked.

It was so lovely to finally be living the wedding planning process with his family. I loved that everyone was getting so excited and it helped because they were setting up for a wedding so you got a real feel for it. Except the Boy's Dad hurried out because he wanted to be 'surprised' sweet.

The food was amazing and the presentation was 10/10 (much better than the buffet gloop slopped on our plate at the last wedding!). We tried 5 different entrees and 4 different mains and the Boy even had a cocktail. It was just a really lovely lunch with my Mum and his parents and grandparents. Jointly we decided on the goats cheese tart and seafood tasting plate for entree and for main a choice of duck or salmon.

I'm getting so excited now, it's all starting to come together and seem real!


  1. Oh Yum it sounds great..
    Seeing your venue set up for another wedding would have been extra exciting!
    Very sweet that your GranparentIL and in laws are getting excited and involved.. and nice that your two families could have a wedding related outing together

  2. Glad everything went so well. And I looooove goat's cheese anything!