Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Brother's Wedding

Last Saturday was the boy's brother's wedding. It was incredibly hot and sweaty but a beautiful day none-the-less.

The bride looked absolutely stunning and from the little we saw of the photos I wouldn't be surprised if she winds up in some wedding magazines. However, 3 hours of photos in that heat was way too long and the groomsmen complained loudly enough that at the last stop we got to stay in the limo (YAY!!!). I felt sorry for the Groom, poor guy, he was hilarious though telling us how the photographer kept pushing him further and further back to just focus on the Bride. Modelling experience is definitely a plus when it comes to photos, I'm scared for mine :(

There were some odd things that cropped up in the wedding:
  1. They said their 'I-Dos' whilst the bride was still standing with her Dad - one reason why the priest should have shown up to the rehearsal. But after that it was the two of them together (and every so often there son who was very upset he couldn't be with Mum and Dad but adorable in his outfit!)
  2. I almost got pooped on outside the church haha not odd lucky I guess!
  3. The groom's name changed to that of a woman and the priest also said the bride's surname wrong...seem's to be a common theme at the weddings I've been to though!
  4. The DJ seemed really down for the most part of the reception (her box was tiny compared to the rest of the room) luckily she perked up when the dancing started!
  5. A gatecrasher showed up and was quickly shoved out by the bride's family (it was kinda awesome!)
  6. Some random old man came up during photos outside the church and offered the bride a caramel.
I've also decided I hate the idea of a bridal table and would love to have a round table so people aren't left with no one to talk to (as I was throughout the dinner). Unfortunately our venue has a raised bridal table so I doubt that wish will come true for our wedding. The speeches were really good (except for the groomsmen which was a bit to 'drunk moment' filled) and I was really touched when the bride's mum included me as part of the groom's family. I felt a bit left out throughout it because I wasn't asked to be in family photos. I do understand but I felt a bit yuck seeing as I've been with my boy for 5 years (longer than anyone out of his siblings) and we're engaged. But oh well it wasn't my wedding and it just makes me more considerate when it comes to ours.


  1. I saw a few wedding groups taking pictures that day and thought of you feeling the heat! Three hours seems like a lot. My photographer tells me we'll only need 1.5 hours - but I am worried that won't be enough. I guess this means you can start to focus a bit more on your wedding now yes?


  2. Haha a gatecrasher would be exciting! I think there's less than a 1% chance of it happening at our wedding (and I'm thankful for that) but it would be kinda funny to see.
    Glad you had a good time!

  3. That is so not cool you got left out of the photos!

  4. It was SOOO hot on Saturday. I know a few people who were at weddings and said it was a struggle!

    Aww I want an old man to offer me a caramel!

  5. I think 1.5hours would be fine Nic, we're only having an 1hr with photos in the same place so I'm a bit nervous but oh well :)

    Yeah heat sucks but the odd moments made up for it!

  6. Mmmm caramels....

    Since I've been planning my wedding I really analyse other peoples weddings I attend, working out things I want to do the same and things I want to do differently..

    I agree it was a bit insensitive to leave you out of the family photos.

    And I hate ceremony awkwardness- Ive been BM a few times and its hard when people dont know when/where to sit or stand. Thats we we are definitely having a rehearsal!