Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Mass apologies for not posting lots recently. Things have been INSANE to say the least. We moved in with the Boy's parents and then after getting semi-settled we had to come and house-sit for my Mum...grrr I can't wait until things get a little bit more normal!

It's getting a little bit scary now as things start to pick up speed. I've booked in my hair trial and the trial for my MoH May 15th. But the biggest thing is trying to get out the invites, everything has finally been sorted but measuring the paper is what I'm leaving up to the Boy. I'm also feeling a little bit under appreciated when it comes to the Boy. I don't think he realises how much I'm actually doing for the wedding!

So much for not stressing, I'm in full on stress out mode :( I still haven't formed a list with when everything needs to be done and what's planned for when. Crazy since I'm usually super organised but not living in my own home and working full time plus getting sick isn't helping. Plus we just found out that our photographer who is a friend of the family (has finished photography at Tafe though) and our wedding will be her first is charging us $ people think this is reasonable? I was thinking $500 but that probably is a way too cheap. Just another thing to go cucukoo over! (Sorry this post is pretty disjointed just need to blurt it all out!)


  1. $1200 definitely doesn't seem reasonable to me for shooting a first wedding. A lot of photographers do friend/family weddings for free to build up their portfolio.

    That is insane money.

    Maybe if you sit down and write a list of everything WITH the boy, he'll understand just how much there is to do.

  2. I think it depends on what that $1200 includes. If its just the friend's time, then maybe you might want to reassess your options. If it includes extras, then perhaps it is not so unreasonable. And you aren't alone on the boy front, they never fully grasp the effort of things if they aren't the ones spending the effort. ;)

  3. It definately depends on what the photographer is doing. We had a 2nd photographer that was not particularly experienced, took only natural photos and gave us two hours of her time and we still paid her $250...

  4. She is giving us 6 hours (including post production) and a dvd of all the photos. She's said she isn't charging us a booking fee and she's giving us the proof book for free.

    I've decided to pay it because if I have to give anyone the money it'd be a friend over any other photographer. I think it was just the shock that it was over 1k!

    She has been helping a wedding photographer every weekend and has one awards at TAFE but still. If the photos aren't up to par though I'll be asking for some money back!

    Just adding more and more to the budget :( But the sister in law paid 5.5k and they got 6 hours and an enlargement that will be wall mounted...that makes me think DAMN we got off good!

  5. Post production can take hours and hours and hours. She may only spend 6 hours at your wedding but its more than likely she'll spend 3 or 4 times that long on post production. If you even your payment out hourly you won't be paying her much at all. AND your getting dvds and proof book which can both easily go for $2500 and $200 for each ontop of the base price. I think you have a bargin!

    (Just to let you know - we had in excess of 2000 photos taken and so far - a month later - we have 30 back and its taken our photographer 10hours on those photos... food for thought)

  6. I'm at tafe doing photography atm,
    and that is very cheap for a wedding photographer and also cheap for someone who has completed tafe.

    BUT it is a bit much since it's her first wedding. I charged very little for my first wedding!

    Have a look at her portfolio and iimages of weddings that she has already taken and see if you like them and if they fit in with the kind of wedding photos you want. This way there will be no conflict after wards about asking for money back becuase the photos weren't what you were expecting.