Monday, April 26, 2010


The long weekend = invitations and getting the Boy to help because measurements and numbers were involved hehe.

I'm dedicating today to mail merge and trying to incorporate our logo as well so the envelopes don't look so boring. My Mum suggested using pea green envelopes to tie in with the theme but the Boy didn't like that. I did but factoring in cost and I immediately decided people could have boring old white ones!

I've managed to put a little pocket on the back of the invites to house our gift registry card along with a little card (which I still have to make) advising people who don't have access to the net, who to contact so they can RSVP. Thankfully most of my family, even the oldies, are really net savvy so I'm hoping they'll enjoy our little 'wedsite'.

But boy oh boy is this a time consuming task! I meant to have the invites out last week and then my aim changed to having them in the mail today...I don't think they'll go out until Wednesday but in that case thank god for save the date cards!


  1. Best of luck with getting the invites out! I'd love to see a pic when they're done :) After helping a friend out with her invite construction, I'd say having an army of girlfriends is a massive help!

  2. When I get settled I'll pop a photo up of them but will have to blur a fair bit of it.

    They look great though!

  3. good luck with the invites!
    You are a braver and more patient woman than I!!