Friday, July 30, 2010

Short Break

...from wedding blogging.

As requested this is the sort of back story to how the Hubby and I met and the infamous red garter (which was not taken off at the reception because I didn't like that idea).

The Hubby and I met at a mutual friend's 18th birthday party in October (and years later realised we'd gone to another 18th in January the same year but hadn't seen each other!). I wasn't going to go to this party because I'd 'un-friended' a couple of girls who were going and they were complete cows. My best friend dragged me along and the night was just plain weird because of that drama.

The party was dress as something starting with S, now I either went as a Stripper, Spy or Show Girl...I can't really recall but I'm pretty sure it was all three! Whilst Hubby showed up as a Soccer Fan (which meant I couldn't really tell what he looked like!). We sort of kept eyeing each other off the whole night but for me it was more to figure out if he was gay because I'd heard he'd gone to a gay pride parade (later I found out this was to support his friend). Gradually we got to talking (alcohol no doubt helping) and when the night ended I was all set to grab a taxi home with my best friend but somehow he managed to weasel a seat in ours. I didn't really want to let him into my house but how could I resist his pleas for a glass of water. Nothing really happened though and I sent him away with an invite to my Halloween party.

Fast forward a week or 2 later and I was dressed as a French Maid for my party complaining to my friends that he hadn't shown up. I was just about to storm out the door when he showed up in a sheet (how original) and everything was ok. He'd spent ages roaming the streets trying to remember which house was mine and even stumbling into a complete strangers party.

We had a great night and at one point (due to the large amount of shots I'd consumed) I decreed that I would pull my garter off with my teeth. I do have a photo of this somewhere but can't locate it so you will have to enjoy the photo below.

He spent the night (completely innocent on a couch) and then we both woke up the next morning totally hungover. I drove him home and over the following weeks, text messages and dates followed until we wound up in the now :)

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