Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back from Bliss

The 2 week honeymoon in Vietnam and Singapore was exactly what the doctor ordered and now it feels like we're truly back to reality! Finally we can sort the house out (once we get all the presents from Mum's house!).

The wedding was amazing and apparently everyone is still talking about it. Nothing in the ceremony really went to plan but that's what made it perfect. My favourite moments were the imperfections:
  • The ring not fitting on my finger
  • Not being able to get the rings off the pig's nose...apparently the ring bearer had almost lost them previously so his Mum had tied them on a little too tightly. My Uncle also chose this time to pipe up that we were supposed to be 'tying' the knot ha-ha
  • Dogs barking in the background
  • Mum almost breaking down during her reading and when I patted her back her sharply telling me 'Don't touch me!'
  • My best-friend (who was a groomsmen) cracking up at one of our vows (I'll share the ceremony later)
  • Me wanting to boogie down the aisle and attempting to boogie at any chance I got. (see below)
  • Our ring bearer climbing up the limestone when it was time to give us the rings
  • Nobody being down at the ceremony site when our limo pulled up! And then seeing my older cousin running past still in his jeans (the Hubby said he came up and said not to worry he'd just gotten back from working up North and had his suit with him! Unfortunately the same can not be said for the Hubby's idiot immature friend who did show up in jeans)
And because pictures tell a thousand words (this is one of my favourites!):


  1. Welcome back. Can't wait for the other details. =)

  2. Ohhhh you looked gorgeous! Can't wait to hear the rest!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! You sound so happy with how it all panned out, I'm happy for you :)

  4. Fantastic photo! So glad to hear youhappy with your day. Cant wait to see more pictures!

  5. Looks like congratulations are in order! Yay.

    That ring bearer with his pig looks so cute in the background!