Thursday, July 29, 2010

Morning of...

I was the first one awake, although Mum followed pretty quickly afterwards considering we were sharing a bed. I went downstairs to have my little sister staring at me from her sleeping bag on the ground. She complained that our old dog had decided to lick her face in the middle of the night and wake her up. Which is really cute considering our dog can hardly walk and is kind of deaf and sort of blind!

Everyone got up pretty quickly and I pretty much just ambled around the kitchen and living room. I wasn't very hungry but I never really eat breakfast so that wasn't anything knew. I was stressing out though because I needed to get my nail polish done.

Everyone had to have showers and shortly after that the other bridesmaids showed up along with my MiL who bought my hideous garter (that story is for another post). We hung around for a bit and I handed out hair magazines so the girls could go through them.

The morning was pretty relaxing (once I sorted out my nails!) and I only sent the boy one text to see if he was awake (he wasn't!). I pretty much refused to be in contact with him because I really wanted it to be special when I finally saw him. The hair dresser arrived first followed by the make up artist. We set the hair dresser up in the lounge area (and all slowly died of hair spray intoxication) and the make up artist was upstairs in Mum's light and airy bathroom.

Photos tell a better story so I've posted some below. Throughout the morning I kept getting asked if I was nervous but I never was. It just sort of felt like the next stage and of course I should be doing it! The only time I got teary (and that wasn't even nerves) was seeing my best guy friend in his groomsman suit and our little page boy (the one who didn't come down the aisle).

Me & the Hubby's SiL & little sister (My Mum & Hairdresser in background)

My nails done (finally)

My 'Man' face and little sister in background, enjoying glasses of well deserved champagne

My Mum getting her flower put in
I think at the point of the last photo the photographer had arrived but you'll have to wait for me to get my photos before I post more on that. Fingers crossed 2 more weeks!


  1. Everyone looks so excited! I am exciting too, to hear the rest! Especially the garter story, seriously...