Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Night Before

We did the traditional thing and spent the night apart. What I really wanted to do (have all the bridesmaids together at my Mum's house for a sleepover) didn't happen but I think the best thing that could did.

We'd spent the day out at Caversham putting finishing touches on tables, laying out place cards and table decorations.

I made the table numbers, crappy brown frames spray painted high gloss black, small wood numbers spray painted and then damask paper on the easy and they looked so much better than the boring numbers Caversham had.
We also picked up our AMAZING cake (which sadly didn't live up to it's beauty, taste wise, but only because it had obviously been made too far in advance):

The Danish cake which, you can see to the left, was delivered by my MiL and her sister after we'd left the venue.

After that the Hubby and I returned to our place to get our wedding night bag packed (nothing sexy in there I'm afraid!) and then I went and got my nails done with Mum. Fortunately, they did a good job and we bought the nail polish just in case. Unfortunately, the manicure did not last and we were stuck redoing that the morning of.

After that we did a shop for snacks and then went back to my house to pick up a few bits and pieces. We also bumped into Andreas (and his entire family). I was a bit stressed and was running back and forth between the car with lots of stuff. As I was leaving I realised I hadn't said goodbye to the Boy and I was glad that it was only him and I in the house so we got to have that little moment together and say goodbye (especially because I'd gotten him angry with me earlier in the afternoon!).

The night was spent with my best friend (and MoH), my little sister and my Mum. We went out for yummy chinese and then came back to Mum's house to pour through hair style magazines for ideas for the girls (funnily enough the Patrick Dempsey Made of Honour movie was on!). There was a minor panic because I realised I didn't have my hideous red garter (which had come in handy on our first kind of date ever). We drove back to my house to search through all the boxes and no luck. Then I called the Boy and luckily it was at his parents house with a bunch of our old stuff so his Mum bought it down with her the next morning.

We had a relaxing and fun time and then went to bed. It was strange because I wound up sharing a bed with Mum and, I haven't done that since nightmare age! I had a great sleep though and woke up feeling like it was any other day...

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  1. That cake looks awesome! And I loooove your hair!

    I need to know the garter story...