Friday, January 22, 2010

Wedding on the Back Burner

I guess I should start this post by saying I am a jealous person. The boy and I were always planning to get engaged on our big trip to America and after going out for almost 5 years, we both felt it was time and were so excited. Then I got blindsided by his brother popping the question to his girlfriend even though, they hadn't even reached a year (she was pregnant though so, idiot me should have seen it coming). I am happy for them and, they love each other to pieces but, I feel like we're completely in the shadow of their wedding. I know, I know I sound horrible but, I just felt like being honest and airing a bit of my dirty laundry.

So their wedding is planned for February and ours is in July. I am of course extremely excited for them both and interested in hearing all the details. In fact, as a bridesmaid, I'm currently helping out with the Hens Night etc... But I just feel like I can't get excited with his side of the family over our big day :( In fact I was talking about everything with his Mum and, all she did was laugh and told me I plan ahead way too much (um hello, you need to plan ahead for weddings!). So even though I've bought the girls bridesmaid dresses I feel like I can't tell the soon to be SIL (the one getting married) and also the boy's sister because everything is about her wedding. It sucks missing out on that! I know it'll be different when their wedding is over but, I feel a bit bad counting down the days and wishing their moment over and done with.

Grr if I have one recommendation it is don't get engaged when someone else in the immediate family is because you do feel like you're chucked in the cupboard like a winter coat!

At least I can share the excitement with my MoH today though and I'm so excited to be doing so. Although the dresses look a bit crumpled and no where near as awesome as it did in the shop window (or done up to make my little sister look gorgeous)! Hopefully she can see the magic and I know the colour will make her look stunning.


  1. The best part about all of this is that you can get a first hand look at another wedding with enough time that if everything goes to hell, you can make sure it doesn't happen at yours! I'm excited for your wedding.

    It is hard when people have other stuff going on and your head is all in wedding planning. That's why having a blog is so fun, everyone wants to talk about wedding stuff!

  2. Yeah I love it. The funniest thing was that the sister who is a bridesmaid in both weddings said "well this will be the practice wedding". Granted it was in response to her Mum saying we weren't allowed to drink but still I had a little awe moment.

  3. oh dear.. I HATE feeling jealous.. but it can be hard to reason your way out of it sometimes..

    My cousin got engaged about 3 months after us, then set their wedding date for 3 months before ours (pregnant also) so I felt she pipped me to the post.. but as their wedding came and went I realized that there is more than enough excitement and attention to go around..

    Which is lucky because one of my best friends is getting married just one month before us.. we have always had very similar taste and I have had pangs of competitiveness (which I am not proud to admit) and fret that her wedding will take the shine off mine, however as both our weddings loom I remind myself what i learnt with my cousins wedding each one will be special