Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Other Wedding

First off HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! To all the Aussies out there.

Now as everyone knows there are 2 weddings this year in the boy's family. Ours in June and his younger brother's in February. They're now in the home stretch with a month to go until they get hitched. I'm so excited for them but after attending another wedding (only the church ceremony) last weekend I know I'll be bawling my eyes out!

On Monday I invited myself along (it's a bridesmaid's prerogative right?) to the soon to be SiL's hair trial. We had to drive to Northern Whoop Whoop and the lady who greeted us was initially very very frosty (but I came around to her towards the end). It was exciting to see what a hair trial entailed because it is one of the things that scares me the most. Unfortunately for my SiL those fears became reality. Whilst she was given an AMAZING up-do it was nothing like she'd requested and aged her about 10 years. As my future MiL described it it looked like something for the Edwardian Era and her dress is reminiscent of this (obviously not an Oscar De La Renta dress but same sort of bottom):

She wanted something soft and elegant with big curls swept of to one side and she wound up with a birdsnest of curls and plaits on the back of her head and tight curls off to the side. Of course we all ooh-ed and ahh-ed over it but as I left with the MiL to go back home I got a text from her saying she hated it. Which brings me to my grr about the hair trial. First off she got barely any time with her hair dresser as she was running late. The next thing was that she got talked out of one hairstyle (which I can understand obviously certain hair can only do certain things!) and talked into another one. What I didn't understand was why did they not sit down together go through magazines/photos and try and come up with the perfect hairstyle before just going for broke? I understand they have limited time to do brides but seriously with the money that we fork out they should put a little time into understanding what the client wants before even going near their hair.

But as we said about the practice wedding...thank god I got to experience that. I'm now trawling the internet to find photos of exactly what I want. I'm hopeless if they start throwing in other suggestions because I can't picture that in my head. So I figure I'll pick 3 options (because I can't guarantee what will work with my thick short-medium brown hair) and go from there. I'm also finding looks for the bridesmaids because I've paid for 2 hair trials with my deposit. Which was another thing I didn't like about the hairdressers the SiL went to, they have taken the deposit out of the final payment so now she has to go back to them. Rather than have the deposit cover the hair trial so if she hated it she wouldn't have to go back. Obviously smart but sneaky thinking on that hairdressers part!


  1. hmmm. Doesnt sound like a great deal to me either. Who is the hairdresser?

    I think its pretty important to love your hair, as we all know how a bad hair day can ruin your day and who wants that on their wedding?!

    Oooh looking forward to seeing which three pics you chose for yourhair trial

  2. I can't remember what they were called but they're a mobile unit. Didn't bother taking a card because I've already booked mine and the lady gave off a bad vibe.

    Yeah, silly me I've been putting the pics on a word doc! So now, I have to relocate them/fiddle with my digital image software to get them up on here.

  3. That dress is SO lovely. I want it!!

    I found hair trials a little stressful. But I'm glad I did two, ended up going with something completely different on the day!

  4. I know it's stunning! I was after something like it but didn't even go near those dresses because I knew that's what she was wearing. We both want the weddings as separate as possible.