Thursday, January 28, 2010


So more on what I want as a hairstyle. I've managed to sort out some pictures and post them on here. It's funny but I save everything on a word doc and periodically go through and delete half of them. Which leaves me a bit worried that even with hair trials etc...I'll change my mind way too much. Although I did realise that wedding planning is half the fun of the wedding itself so I'm making myself enjoy everything, even the annoying bits!

I love this style but I have no idea if it will work with my hair. It said it was designed for shorter hair though so fingers crossed! My only issue is that I have a huge forehead so I want my fringe or a bit of it left down.

I don't like the hair but I love the veil, especially the pink tinge. It's from TessaKim at etsy and her store is fantastic!

This is the other veil I really like and I am tempted to have my hair simple - half up/half down but I feel like this is my wedding I should do something different! (Etsy seller: SimpleBeautyVeils)

(Unfortunately I can't credit where I sourced the first photo)

When I was in the bridal shop I tried on this awesome long veil and fell in love but I want something I can wear at the reception!


  1. Get two veils! Those short ones are really sweet. But I've seen some really great photos of long ones all windswept.

  2. Yeah why not get two veils? It's your wedding after all so you should do what you want!

  3. I love that short sheer pale pink one.
    Thanks for the link!

  4. I'm definitely contemplating 2. I guess I could get my MoH to make me a long one and that way it can just be raw and look awesome in wind photos :)
    I love the pink one too, it's just so damn cute!

    Has anyone seen any birdcage veils that come off the side of your head and don't actually cover your face? Or can you do that with any birdcage veil?