Thursday, January 07, 2010


Well my aim of finding a bridesmaid dress during the sales is drawing to a close. I was going to go hunting with 2 of the girls today but that fell apart because my MiL got invited without my knowledge. Don't get me wrong, I love her but, I wanted it to be a bridesmaids only excursion!

So now I'm trying to organise a proper shopping/lunch trip with the four of them in March (after the other wedding is out of the way) but who knows if that will go ahead, none of them are ever free at the same time. Eloping is sounding like a lot of fun right about now but I guess everyone goes through that stage.

In funnier news I had my first wedding nightmare last night and because describing dreams isn't the easiest thing I'll just highlight the odd bits:
  • I was standing at the altar not the Boy and he was walking towards me (weird!)
  • I was wearing this hideous lace long-sleeved dress and kept thinking at least the op-shop will take it
  • My cousin was there even though I didn't invite her and I realised no one had rsvp-ed! So a minor melt down about food and place settings followed.
  • Some random kids started shooting foam rockets at us and I started screaming
So all in all a crazy crazy dream but at least it wasn't a baby dream! I keep dreaming about a baby boy with brown hair (because the Boy is blonde and I keep teasing him that it's recessive)...I don't want that coming true for at least 2 years. It was bizarre the other night though because, I was talking to my MiL and she told me if I really want to get pregnant I should. She's starting to scare me a bit because the boy is still at uni, I'm currently unemployed (after being made redundant), we still live with my mum...the list of reasons not to goes on and on. It just really hurt me that she'd say something so stupid because she knows how desperately I want a baby and that's the worst kind of taunt ever. GRRRR in-law family members are not in my good books at the moment!

On a lighter night I want to post some of my New Year resolutions:
  • Have a celebration every major holiday with my friends
  • Tone my arms for the gorgeous strapless dress I'll be wearing (I even bought dumbells!)
  • Move out of home
  • Start the next step in my career
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years (I know MRS. T did!)


  1. Oh dear the wedding nightmares. I've had some strange ones lately as well!

    On my BM shopping excursion my FMIL invited herslef along, which put my nose out of joint, however it actually turned out really well as she was very no- nonsense and we ended up getting our dresses without all the fuss and indecision that had happened on our previous shopping trips.

  2. I think my main prob other than this bridesmaid inviting her along (and this is the bridesmaid I didn't want but had to have due to family logistics), was that I would have preferred my Mum there.

    Gah it's just starting to get a bit too much for me at the moment but it's still a while off!

  3. Your dreams sound crazy - funny - but crazy! Hope they aren't driving you crazy.

    Thanks for the love x

    You need to blog more... I demand it!