Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dress Hunting Disappointment

So I thought my sister and I had finally found the bridesmaid dress:

Unfortunately when I went back with my MoH and she tried it on, the colour just wasn't right and I think it's also a dress more suited to tall people :(

So now, I'm trying to stop myself even thinking about them. My backup is to go with dresses from Bari Jay and order them online. Although I'm a bit scared at ordering 4 dresses online from America the other option is spending quadruple the price at a shop here! I was disgusted when I got a quote for $470 for a dress I found online for $120! But I guess that truly does show how saying the word wedding ups the price considerably.

Now I'm just trying to focus on birthdays and Christmas. Then next up is the soon-to-be brother in-law's wedding which the boy and I get to be part of the bridal party for. But I'm looking forward to the new year even if I potentially start it without a job, I'm good at landing on my feet thankfully!


  1. Im hearing ya re: BM shopping pain.
    We got a dress this weekend, which is really exciting-- but I realise now BM dress means a big fat compromise- you end up with a dress that is a happy medium- but not necesasarily one that everyone is going to be head over heels with- I guess dressing to please yourself is very different to dresing to please a crowd! But very happy to have that one crossed off the list.

  2. Hi there, not sure if you have Forever New over there, but they have quite a few dresses that I think would make really good BM dresses... worth a look

  3. How much cheaper is stuff from the US - we get robbed here. It's insane.

    Sorry you're having dress drama. I know how much (not) fun that can be.

    Best of luck x

    P.s. I'm with Nat, I got my bridemaid dresses at Forever new for $100 each. Bargain!