Sunday, November 08, 2009

The list gets shorter

For a manic planner such as myself it is hard to stop. So far I have:

  • The DJs decided (they loved our dogs which is an instant tick from us plus, they came recommended)
  • A florist picked but I have changed my mind so many times. Originally I was going with ranuculus but I bought a bunch for our 5th anniversary and just didn't fall in love. So now I'm on the hunt again, the latest is orchids, I really think this bouquet is interesting (from the Greenwood Florist):

  • Photographers - the boy's family friend who took great photos at his brother's engagement party and my sister's best friend who does photography at TAFE (and is amazing!!! If anyone is looking for a photographer but doesn't have a huge budget I can give you her details). Both for free which is fantastic seeing as Caversham is kind of blowing our budget.
  • Cars - at least for the girls to get to the wedding and our get away car. We still need to sort out a car for the boy, the groomsmen and his parents.

  • The cute save the dates which we sent out two weeks ago (the photo is of a vintage cake topper - we had the couple of the side with a calendar and our date circled with a red heart). My first DIY project with the help of the boy. I loved it and everyone has commented on them (one of our groomsmen's mum even showed them off to her friends and she's not even invited!). So, it's made me really passionate about trying to be more DIY with the wedding and I'll be posting all about my adventures and misadventures as I try everything.
  • The dress (which I've already discussed)

  • The shoes - gorgeous pointed dark blue satin flats with a rosette (a common theme I see springing up! About the only one as well). The one rule I made was my shoes absolutely had to be able to be worn again. I'm already slightly sick at how much the dress is costing for less than 12 hours wear!
  • My bag which is a rose pink colour, draw string and covered entirely in rosettes. I couldn't resist when I spotted it. I want to keep rosettes as a running theme through the wedding and I also want to have interesting pieces which will look good for photos.
  • Our rings which were heavily discounted thanks to the boy's sister's best friend's (way too many of these mouthfuls but I'm not a fan of acronyms) dad being an amazing jeweller.
We're definitely getting there and I know we are ahead of schedule but I just can't stop. My latest is trying to DIY a button bouquet. I found an awesome site by a West Aussie designer: but as I mentioned above, I'm really keen to DIY whatever I can. I know it's going to be a lot of work but I miss having projects to work on and it makes everything just that little bit more special.


  1. Hi Jess,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! That bouquet is really pretty and orchids last for ages - great choice!

  2. P.s. I love that you picked your DJ because your dogs liked him. Dogs are such good judges of character.

    Hope you write more soon. And I want to see a picture of the bridesmaids dress and your dress too!