Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses

A little secret...I hate bridesmaids haha not hate them but just the thought of organising a bunch of girls and picking dresses that they want on top of getting them all together at the same time. I know it's going to be a nightmare which is why I got a couple of bridesmaid-ey things while we were in Bangkok in the middle of the year.

Exhibit A:

I fell in love with the pleating (and of course the rosettes - that's where it all began) and all the bridesmaids love it but I've fallen out of love with it. For starters I feel the colour is too harsh and secondly I can't be bothered with dressmakers. It also falls a little bit too short for a wedding and a winter(ish) wedding at that.

Exhibit B:
Which I can't show photos of is the awesome presents. I won't mention what they are but they're cute, useful on the day (and after) and make great wedding party gifts.

Luckily I have the most awesome Maid of Honour aka Milo aka my best friend from highschool. So hopefully everything will just work out as the others are my sister and then sisters/sister's in law of the boy. I'm lucky to have them all but everyone is just so different that I can see it being hard to find everything and even just organise catch ups where everyone has fun. I sort of feel like bridesmaids are supposed to be this tight knit little group that you  have around you...but, because over half are family (and they don't really know each other), I feel awkward wanting to force lunches and shopping trips on them.

And I would offer a snippet of my wedding dress for a sneak peek for what's to come but I can't risk the boy oggling it (yes I am being traditional in that regard). So instead I will share that I always wanted a wedding dress like Pink's - I fell in love with that black slash!

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  1. The blue of that dress is so lovely! I think it could look great at a winter wedding. I know what you mean about changing your mind - I bought my girls dresses a year before the wedding and have changed my mind about twenty times since!

    Want to see YOUR dress!

    Also - pavlova is a must at nearly any event!