Sunday, August 29, 2010

Photo grumbles

Sadly the photos have been removed, I'm having issues with the photographer and don't want to risk getting into strife.

It's helpful having copyright etc... thrown at you after the fact when nothing was ever ever mentioned during the whole process or even when we received the photos! Especially considering the email was very snooty & legally worded with no apology from her for not explaining anything just telling me off.

Grrr I have now learnt not to deal with family/friends because you wind up coming off second best.


  1. Wait what? You're not allowed to post them online?? Surely that's only good for the photographer's business?

  2. I have no idea, because we're her first wedding and she didn't get us to sign a contract she's gone all funny after I sent photos to my cake person, make up lady and hair lady. I advised them all to credit her but yeah apparently I only have right to usuage whatever that means!
    If I pay $800 I can have the copyright...this coming from my little sister's best friend. Definitely not recommending her to anyone! If she'd handled it nicer I would because she took great photos but the correspondence after the fact NOT COOL!

  3. Not cool at all. This really should have been outlined in writing before the wedding. It's a reason that I didn't go with one of the photographers that I loved and went with James.

  4. Ohh I see... from my understanding, you have the right to post them for personal use, but the cake, makeup and hair people would be using them for commercial (self promotional) purposes and should really be paying the photographer to use them. It's fairly standard but something that should really have been stated in a contract.

  5. Noooooo I want to see the photos

  6. It's all very confusing, I'm assuming it's standard but I'm so unimpressed with how she's handled things.

    I'm going to try and post the photos anyway but just want to wait until I get a response from her.

    What did everyone else get with their packages? Did you just get a proof book and CD with proof images? We're curious because we want to get enlargements and the size on the disc isn't that huge.

  7. If you paid her to take photos you own the copyright. Do a bit of googling of the websites that end in

    However, you probably don't want to annoy her too much if you want the bigger sized photos. I've just had an unpleasant surprise when I found out how much extra it is to get the full sized images from my favourite potential photog, even though the package contains a disk of all photos suitable for printing in normal size prints.