Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Photos Are Back

So after the legal BS email I got from the photographer I actually got a nice one where she apologised! At least she realises she went about it the wrong way and admitted she's learning. So I can post these beauties up now.

Just some of my favourites until I tell the story:

The dress and accessories

The DiY button bouquet

Mr Piggy Wig
My ninja little sister-in-law
I love this photo of my little sister and me. She actually looks like the older sister :)
My FAVOURITE photo with my gorgeous Made of Honour

The aftermath giggles!
The Girls
Through the tunnel with my Dad
Walking down the aisle with my parents
Our ring bearer and bridesmaids
Kiss the Bride
Whoop, I kept making random arm movements wanting to bust a move!
Fake wind
The girls attacking my boy
More photos to come


  1. Yay for photos! Still can't get over your pig ring cushion - I just love it

  2. you two looking really amazing !
    great blog:)
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  3. Love this wedding, so pretty and the the wedding dress is amazing. From Engagement Rings Dublin

  4. There are really lots of special moments that must be captured before a wedding. You surely have unique ideas that can make a wedding special. I love your look!

  5. Glad you found a way to fix the issue with your photographer. Awesome candid shots! There are just so much to look forward into a wedding day, even the preparation is part of having a memorable day. Congratulations Jess! :)