Wednesday, June 09, 2010

24 Days and Counting

Is anyone else, or did anyone else, start to grow weary of people asking the same old question: 'not long now, how are you feeling?' or 'how's the planning going?'

My cousin's partner was the only one who said 'I bet you're over it' and damn if she wasn't right. I'm completely over it. It also doesn't help that we've only just moved into a new place and unpacking has consumed by every free hour but gah. I have no desire to continue with my craft projects...which are kind of important seeing as at some point during the move the still unfinished bridesmaid bouquets got destroyed :( I still haven't confirmed if all the bridesmaids have everything they need.

How did other people cope or feel in the home stretch before the wedding?

I've got my Hen's Weekend down south this weekend so that is something to look forward to and then the female family Kitchen Tea the following Saturday. I guess parties will put me back in the mood but it's all rather stressful because now I'm looking at weekends going OMG I have no time to do anything.

I know in the end it will all work out but I also realise it takes a lot of time, effort and HARD WORK to get it to that point. With the Boy studying for exams and me feeling so blase about the whole thing I'm pretty concerned!


  1. The last month for me was torture. I was sick of thinking about weddings. I was sick of people asking about my wedding. I just wanted it over.

    Just keep going and before you know it the day will be here. No matter how sick you get of the whole thing, you will be so happy on the actual wedding day. After that, you and your new husband can settle down and enjoy being newlyweds!

  2. How's it all going? Update!!!!!