Monday, June 28, 2010


Did anyone else's family do their heads in before the wedding?

So far we have had a cousin sprung on us who after pulling out at the last minute is now coming to the wedding. The three overseas relatives announced they were giving a speech even after we asked 3 different times if they were and were told no. That would have meant 9 speeches in total! So I had to cancel my best friend giving one and then I told my Mum this and she chucked a dummy spit saying she would give up her mother loves acting like a matyr!

GAH this is another moment when I wish we'd just eloped...or at least gone far far away before the actual wedding so that the family couldn't stress us out!


  1. I think everyone has elopement thoughts right before the wedding. It will all turn out.

  2. Definately doing my head in! I think it is a given. I'm still eight weeks away from our wedding and my dad is being such a putz. It seems his heart will be broken forever if 'his niece is not invited to his daughter's wedding.' It's no longer my wedding and my cousin - who i've met once when I was five years old and didn't get along with very well then. Plus she got married 2.5 years ago and didn't invite me!! Every single stupid protocol is on my side. Oh the joy of family. Anyway all the best for a lovely day. I say have your friend do a speech anyway. 9 speeches sounds a lot, but as long as guests can still drink and nibble while they're listening then let it happen. And the martyr mother. Do we somehow have the same family?!