Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Make Up Trial

So I recently had my make up trial and again sadly no photos :( Well there are but my mum said I looked like Dracula so they're not going up on here!

Which is a lie by the way! The make up was awesome, even though I was a bit spotty after my eyebrow shaping my skin looked flawless. Airbushed foundation would be fantastic on a hot summer's day. I had bronze/gold eye makeup and it was just the right amount of smokey to look demure but still incredibly hot ;)

In other news my little sister got herself some cute black ankle boots and tights for the Big Day. Now I just need to kit the other bridesmaids out. Bridesmaid day should hopefully be happening this Sunday (after repeatedly being cancelled/put back).

Oh and the biggest news of all

*drum roll*

The Boy and I have found a rental property close to work where we can have our puppy! Awesome news, after 5.5 years together we're finally moving out. YIPPEE!!!


  1. Hello, what is Bridesmaid Day? That's a new one for me.

  2. I totally hear you on the hair thing. I'm the only blonde usually and my sister's hairdresser messed up and made her hair lighter than usual. Better not do that near the wedding day. Either way, I'm going to be the only one wearing my hair down!

  3. Wants photos of dracula anyway!

  4. Dracula is horrible :p

    I just coined the term bridesmaid day to cover accesories shopping :)

  5. Great news about the house and your puppy

    Dont worry to much about the colour of your bridesmaid hair, you will stand out from everyone on the day

    Great that your trial went well.