Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Box

So I got my box of goodies from YAY!

3 different kinds of tulle (2 ivory (one with those spots) and 1 black), an ivory flower for my hair, 2 brooches 1 of which I'm not too fussed on cos it's a gross gold but looked prettier on the site and FEATHERS!!! I wish I'd ordered more feathers because my button bouquet really needs that something extra.

In other sad news the boy failed one of his exams. Luckily he can do summer school but I always get scared when stuff like that happens because our whole future is based on him doing awesome. Then I feel evil because I'm a woman I can be independent and bring home the bacon. But all I really want is to have lots of babies and then when they get to school hopefully figure out what the hell I want to do career wise!

Hopefully the trip to Bali in January is still on because we need to get away but if it's not we can always go somewhere later on in the year. Plus we have the Vietnam honeymoon to look forward to YAY.

On a more wedding side note: people have already started talking wedding registries with me and it's weird...I have no idea what I want let alone if I even want one. The one thing I do know is I want a gun to pick stuff out with, I blame American movies for that!


  1. That box of goodies sounds awesome! Boo about the exam, I totally feel you on the bringing home the bacon thing. Ha.

    Vietnam will be amazing for a honeymoon - good choice.

    P.s. I totally wanted one of those gun things too, good luck finding one in Oz. We ended up doing a honeymoon registry with - It's worked out pretty well.

  2. Did you end up finding the registry gun? I heard from a friend that Myer have them.

    And I answered your dancing question over in my comments. Thanks for stopping by my blog - your comments brighten my days!

  3. Ooh thanks for the link to that website, very cool!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your goodies.

    Diappointing about the exam failure. I can imagine it would be hard for him to study with all the wedding and honeymoon stuff going on.

    We were getting ready to send our invites out and it dawned on me we havent made a decision about registry stuff either. Think we might just not do one

  4. Haven't hunted for a registery gun but I got told DJs does them. Thanks for the info about dancing it was helpful but I'm still scared about committing to something...can't make up my mind if I want to make an idiot of myself or do something serious!

    That link is great Mrs T, thanks so much and sorry about the late reply!